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    Raikan007 | Back again

    Hi FM-Base, long time :) After a very long break from FM I saw that Epic Games has FM20 for free :) I decided to pick it up and give this years version a go! Not sure if the old guard are still here but I look forward to being part of the community again, albeit not as involved as I was. I...
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    Raikan007 is back!

    Hey guys, not sure if anyone here still remembers me :) But decided to start playing FM after a good 3/4 year break. Still got FM14 on Steam so starting with that for now. Will see how it goes. Can't believe the guys have left me as a mod as well! Thats cool! Hope you are well! Cheers, Neil
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    PSN Usernames

    Hey guys, Not back but still check in once and again :) if you keen to add me on Psn Raikan007 and we can play some co op or Fifa or something Regards, Neil
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    Good day everyone. It has been a while since I have been on the site but I am always here :) I am extremely proud to be a part of this music platform that will revolutionize the way you live your life regarding your music... Music brings us all together, it defines moments, expresses our...
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    Fernando Monetti - Gimnasia (LP) (cheap good keeper)

    Name: Fernando Monetti Club: Gimnasia (LP)Nationality: Argentinian Position: Goalkeeper Strengths: Reflexes Command of Area Weaknesses: Maybe eccentricity I found this guy earlier today when searching the world for more unknown players, he is cheap and has kept 3...
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    Raikan007's "Complete Madness" FM14 version BETA

    Good day everyone, I have managed to find a little bit of time over the past few days to play Fm14 and started a save with Benfica :) I want your guys input, people who know more about the ME and tactics on Fm14 than I do :) I never intended to try and recreate the successful Complete Madness...
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    Raikan007 Retirement

    Hey guys, It's with a very heavy heart that I will be retiring from FM indefinitely, I have been unable to give the game and community the time and energy it deserves and as much as I used to over the many years... Life is very busy with work and my new business and I just dont have the time...
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    Real Sociedad - 1st season - 1st transfer window ?2.8m

    Hey guys, seeing as though I have been out of it for sometime and do not have the time anymore to sit and scour the world (not yet anyway) I was wondering if you bright individuals could recommend a few players for me? I am really looking for a good striker (poacher) as I play Vela out wide or...
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    FM14 Request a Player Screenshot (please use instead of starting a new thread)

    Good day everyone, Please use this thread to request a screenshot of a player you would like to see at the start in the future to see how he has developed... Example: Raheem Sterling in 2016 please Kind regards, Neil
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    What roles/duties/instructions suit my player thread

    Good day, welcome to Fm-base and Fm14 This thread should be used to ask for advice on players roles and positions that best suit the players stats! For example: Neymar Answer: "I have had him best play as a poacher, with high freedom but he can also play as inside forward - attack"...
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    Fm14 Deal or No Deal thread: Please use when asking if you should buy player x or y

    Please stick to the following template below. Anyone is free to reply to peoples posts, but don't just reply for the sake of it. Suggesting replacements/alternatives is useful as well. Template: Player: Javi Martinez Team you are managing: Liverpool Team who are buying/selling: Bayern...
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    Aleksandar Mitrovic - Anderlecht

    Name: Aleksandar Mitrovic Club: Anderlecht Nationality: Serbian Position: Striker Strengths: [*=center]strength [*=center]determination [*=center]all physical stats [*=center]first touch [*=center]dribbling [*=center]off the ball [*=center]penalties [*=center]heading...
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    Newcastle United 1st season 1st window - £8m

    Hey guys, after 3 months or more without touching Fm I have decided to start a save again :) I decided with Newcastle on LFC's update I could be getting quite a bit in after selling a few players, so lets say £25m to be safe for now I am swapping Marveux for John Ruddy as I need a good backup...
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    Bård Finne - Brann

    Bård Finne Brann Striker Norwegian Found this guy yesterday, can be picked up for 160k at the start of the game from Brann He looks a very decent prospect as well! Anyone seen him or bought him?
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    Asking players for suggestions

    Does anyone here ask their players for advice on who to buy? And if so, has anyone found a really good player that you have never heard of or never thought of?
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    Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition PS3

    Good day to you all! I live in South Africa and for some reason we did not get the Prepare to Die edition of my favourite game of all time! I was wondering if anyone could assist me in finding it in their country etc and possibly sending it to me? I will pay for everything myself. If you...
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    Raikan007's Borussia Dortmund: Jurgen Klopp's Recreation tactic 13.3.3

    Formation and Instructions: Match results and league table Man United: Match results and league table Udinese: Tactic information & tips: I barely use any shouts but if you are away from home you can use: clear ball to flanks pass into space if you are at home you can use...
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    Udinese loans/co ownerships

    After watching Udinese on the weekend and after having a great spell with them on Fm11 I have decided to start a new long term save with them on Fm13... I just had a few questions to anyone who has managed them before, or anyone else for that matter... 1) what happens at the end of the season...
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    John Stones - Everton

    John Stones Everton Central defender/right back English Not sure if everyone knows about this guy, he is a great defender and has loads of potential, can play at CB and FB naturally.. Future screenshot (AI development)
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    Tomás Martinez - River

    Tomás Martinez River Plate Attacking Mid Centre 17 years old Just found this kid now, made a £4m offer for him with 20% future profit accepted (so you could get him for around £5-£6m) He has a very good scout report and decent stats, going to see how he develops with the rest of my...