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    Marvin Martin

    Name: Marvin Martin Club: FC Sochaux-Montbé D.O.B: 10/1/1988 Nationality: France Position:CM/AMC Strengths: Pace,Tecnhique,Workrate,Creativity Weaknesses: Strength,Jumping,Finishing Description: Attacking Midfielder Personality: fairly determined Always tears me apart, decided to sign him...
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    Wolves 2nd Season £30 Million

    Finished 4th last year and want to challenge for the title and champions league, Heres my Squad. Any and all Suggestions welcome basically. Highly recommended players and stuff just.
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    Wolves First Season January

    Wolves First Season, Got £20 Million to spend in January, Need a great striker, Winger and central defender Thats basically it :) Thanks Guys
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    Film Ideas?

    Hey guys just a few things... Anyone know when Dexters gonna be back? Anyone else watch chuck? and lastly, downloading a few films, any recomendations guys? and anyone looking for a hidden gem watch gone baby gone brilliant film
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    Wandering Up the Table.

    Giovanni Trapattoni Relieved as Ireland Manager!! After a torrid time as Ireland manager as well as having a stroke whilst at the helm the Italian Manager has been released by the F.I.A. They have also stated that they want a Manager with recent Premier League experience and someone who has...
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    Celtic 2nd Season

    Current Squad, have 2.5 Million immediate transfer budget and trying to avoid Monthley Installments but obviously if their goood enough ill go into installments, i just want to know if you guys think i should sell off from the current squad and any top class recomendations, really trying to...
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    A Bhoyhood Drem

    Engraved Bullets Final Straw For Lennon: After a torrid 2 years as Celtic manager the former ledgend has finally called it a day on his managing career at celtic. Lennon who is familiar with sectarian abuse due to his time as a player were he received death threats for playing for Northern...
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    Kadlec, Lukaku, Wickham

    So im celtic in my first season and ive a tough choice, i know the obvoius answer but just need some reassurance Lukaku - £4.5 Million Wickham - £3.6 Million Kadlec £1.5 Million Smithies - £650,000 Adu £600,000 Ive a 6 million Budget, so who do you guys think i should sign??
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    Striker Blackpool

    2nd Season, 16 million budget left but dont really want to spend it all, so 10 million preferably for the striker Also were in Europe so one that can consistantly perform please. Any other info needed let me know
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    Blackpool January First Season £8.3 Million Need all areas but mainly Defender, Striker and midfielder but any suggestions welcome
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    Im Blackpool, in January of my First Season £8.3 million to spend, could improve all over but mainly Defenders, a Striker or some Midfielders. Thanks Guys
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    The Futures Bright, The Futures Orange

    Capellos Departure rings in the changes in England. Today it has been announced that the long awaited departure of Fabio Capello has finally happened. The Italian has failed to impress during his reign of the England national side. Firstly there was the player ratings scandal which would have...
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    Babacar and Sanogo?

    In my third season, just signed Sanogo for £12 millio. Babacar has agreed but is he worth £24 million or should i fork out £30 for Abel hernandez? Also i already have darren bent who has scored 24 goals in his last two seasons Nolan Roux who scored 30 in his last Gyan who got 16 Frazier...
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    SAFC The Black Cats on the Prowl

    SAFC News can infact confirm that manager Steve Bruce has quit due to family issues, it is believed that after taking the Sunderland jobm, Bruce a long time Newcastle fan has had rifts with his family over taking the job which has caused various rows and even resulting in a case of Domestic...
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    Lille OSC - A new French Revolution

    Today we have a shock report coming from Lille in France, now those of you who dont follow French football will maybe not have herd of Lille but they are a french team who are on the rise in both European football and at home. The now ex manager Rudi Garcia has left we believe after having...
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    Lifting the Merseyside Blues - A Joint Everton Story

    Ok so this is going to be a joint story between Myself - CiaranSafc,Tommo43 and t101m. The Challenge : To rescue everton from there medicore league performances and overtake liverpool, First to win The league and Champions League. The Database : Chris22's Latest update. Well all be...
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    Kaiserslautern - Becoming the new German Elite

    German side Kaiserslautern have announced that current manager Marko Kurz has been Sacked. With the team recently gaining promotion it is thought that the recent saking will bring turmoil over the summer to the newly promoted team. There return to the top flight is the first in four years, the...
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    Crystal Palace back on top

    Ok when i started my last story i got a lot of stick but i did provide a screenshot of the coupted save for my last story:( Was really enjoying it too so here we gooooooooo. So a few game details. I am using Traiths and chris's updates so pompey have minus 10 points and Crystal palace have minus...
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    A Welsh invasion of England, Bringing Cardiff to the bigtime

    City sack Jones and hire master tactician Andy Gray The Cardiff City board have announced that the failure for promotion to the premier league in the past 3 seasons has left to the sacking of manager Davey Jones. They didnt take much time in recruting former football pundit and football legend...
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    Coyle out Okocha in

    Today Bolton wanderers have announced that they will replace current manager Owen Coyle with former Crowd Favourite Jay Jay Okocha as manager. Some Critics may seem this as a big gamble for thew side expected to fight hard against relegation as it is okochas first job in management. New manager...