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    Gibraltar league database?

    I have looked for ages tonight for a database which lets me play in the Gibraltar league set-up on FM15 but can find one that works, can anybody help me out?
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    "There's a third team in Merseyside y'know!"

    Tranmere Rovers When football on Merseyside is mentioned, two teams instantly come to mind: Liverpool and Everton. Now it is time for the third team of Merseyside to be known and take their place alongside their famous neighbours at the top table of English football. Key Players Owain fon...
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    Pulling Scottish Football From The Doldrums

    My Aims Use Celtic to dicate the progress and rise of the Scottish game by both doing well myself and helping fellow Scottish clubs along when I can Gain more success both domestically and on the Euopean front Improve the both the country's national coefficent ranking and the...
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    More Than A Womens Team: A Glasgow City FC Story

    Scottish businessman Les Hutchinson has today withdrew his financial backing from SPFL side Motherwell to form his own club which he hope's one day will break the Old Firm dominance and become and national and European force. Glasgow City FC, known for its successful womens football team...
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    Can Gibraltian Teams Go Semi Pro/Professional?

    I have a save going with Lincon(GBR) and have been winning the league every year and bringing in income by competing and winning games in Europe. What I need to know is there any point in keep playing this save if I cant really progress much further because of the club being Amateur or will the...
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    In The Same Mould as Shankly: A Derby County Revival

    McClaren Ridicules Club and Walks Out! Steve McClaren has today shocked both club officals and fans after walking out of Derby County, branding it a "disgrace of a club". McClaren, who has not been in the job long, was furious with the board and the lack of backing they were willing to give...
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    Division Level Error Message

    I have added the junior leagues to the Scottish leagues and when I test the nation rules it comes up saying.."East Region Premier Division has wrong division level set, should be 7" How do I change this?
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    Error Message Stopping Game Start-up

    I am getting the the error message "not well-formed (invalid token) at line of last_saved_game.xml" whenever I open up my FM14. I have tried taking all my saves out of the "games" folder in my documents but it doesn't make a difference. Any help would be much appreciated, its killing me not...
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    I'm thinking of taking on a Gibraltar job and a club in the Gibraltan league aswell, just a quick question: When the manager of the national team, when do we start playing in qualifers?
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    Transferring Game?

    I downloaded the demo today just to test it out before buying the real game, but can I take my save in the Demo into the real game when I buy it later today? If not I'll wait until I get the full version
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    Job offer...or not!!!

    Just offered the Spurs job but it didn't give me an option to respond and then I see Benitez has accepted it the same day! Anybody else had this?
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    Manage More Than One Team?

    I'm getting a little bored of my FM saves now and I need something to make it exciting again. What I was thinking of doing was taking control of 2 or 3 teams in different divisions or countries at the same time and managing them all on the one save. Has anybody else done this and is it enjoyable?
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    Need Guidance If Possible?

    Hi I am currently the manager of Motherwell and I edited the database and put us in the Blue Square North with the view of trying to reach the Premier League. After a few seasons I got up to the Championship and finished 10th in my first season. I spent more than I should have that summer and...
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    Reviving Hearts: Back From The Brink

    Sneddon Takes Over At Crisis-Hit Hearts Hearts today announced that youth coach Darren Sneddon would today become the new boss at Tynecastle, days after Gary Locke resigned. Sneddon, who was the under 17's manager and a promising up and coming coach, will take over from Locke and try and...
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    Where can I find.....

    Is there a way/database where I can get a lot of African leagues added to my game?
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    Has Anybody Changed Nations?

    I got bored of FM and decided to challenge myself by putting Motherwell (my team) into the Conference North with the aim to one day reach the Premier League. As I worked my way up and reached my 2nd season in the Championship I ran into some financial difficulties and was forced to sell my best...
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    Denis Irwin: Being a Terror!

    Irwin Set To Return To Football! 15/7/12 Ex-Manchester United defender Denis Irwin has been speculated to be nearing a return to the game after 8 years since retiring from playing. Irwin, who played over 700 professional games, has been out of the game since he retired in 2004, now currently...
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    Can You Edit European Competitions?

    I want to edit the CL, can I do it>?
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    Scottish Lower League Kits?

    Are there anywhere to download the kits for the kits for clubs in Divisions 1,2 and 3?
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    Dutch Legends' Managerial Adventure

    14/5/12 ​ Former Manchester United striker Ruud van Nistelrooy has called time on his playing career.The Dutchman had been playing with Spanish side Malaga but endured a difficult season, scoring only five times in 35 games. Now Van Nistelrooy aims to make a name for himself in the management...