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    How to put my own background into skin?

    How to put my own background into skin?
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    How to get around opp. inst. that opponents put on my players?

    When I'm playing against teams with good defense, my strikers rarely get the ball at all, I think it's due to defenders' opposition instructions. Is there any way to get around their opp. inst.?
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    How to give player a rest?

    How to give player a rest? I can only do it when staff advices that in backroom meeting, I can't do it on my own, in player interaction i can tell that I will "consider" rest, can't give it. Also in training a can put that he rests from training max. a week, but that's not it I want to give him...
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    Passing in front of goal

    Is it possible to make player pass the ball in this situation?
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    Assistant Manager

    I want to hire *** Man who can set good opposition instructions, like hard tackling on everyone except goalie, everything possible on strikers etc. I'm tired of assistents who only set weaker foot on strikers, nothing else. :@
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    Massive Shortlist by MarkoSeke

    My shortlist with almost 400 players, good players for any club and price, anyone can find someone for his club! Download: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=3182
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    Akinfeev vs. Lloris

    I got Lloris for my primary goalkeeper. Few years later i signed Akinfeev on FREE! Which one should be in first team and which one should be his substitute? Sorry if thread for this exists i couldn't find it.