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    Vujevic tactics with 3 man at back!

    Started using the three tactics 5 games ago, 3-3 (penalty win) 3-1 win 3-1 win 1-3 loss 0-3 loss
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    Bozkurt kazanacaksın version 1.0.1

    Anyone tried this with an underdog team?
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    The Fiend v11 20.3.0 5/3/20

    Just started using this tactic and first impressions are very good. One thing I've noticed is that my team is susceptible to a through ball and the attacker is running straight at my defence. Just won a game 4-3 where all goals conceded, my midfield two were no where to be seen.
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    Tactics from around the world

    Just started using this tactic. Won 9 in a row in the league with my Birmingham team.
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    [20.2.4] 2039 Match Engine!

    Is anyone getting a crazy amount of injuries since updating? Getting 1-2 injuries per game. I'm having to put u23's in the team at the moment.
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    3-5-2-Mid Dominator by Vujevic

    Useful this for over half a season and it was fantastic but towards the end it just seemed to stop working for me. Went back to a tff 442.
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    [Public Beta] Suk Sam diamond wide / Wolves 20 matches 17w 2d 1l / 78 ccc in 20matches

    Where would you recommend playing Jude Bellingham, I want him to fulfil his potential?
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    Norwich won Premiership in first season 95 points 3-4-1-2-Libero Dominator-by Vujevic

    Is this as effective on the beta? I'm near the end of my first season of Birmingham, tempted to try this tactic in the prem (fingers crossed). What positions are most important, and the attributes to go along with them?
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    [Public Beta] Suk Sam diamond wide / Wolves 20 matches 17w 2d 1l / 78 ccc in 20matches

    Loving this after 7 games. Won 6 of them convincingly and the other was the first 0-0 I've seen on this game. I even managed to beat Man Utd in the quarter final of the FA cup 3-1 with my Birmingham team, first season. Only thing I'm noticing is that my AM is not really getting a rating above...