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    Premier League level players for minnows in 2014/15

    hi my career with Braintree town reached a new high when i came 2nd in the Championship and got promoted to the Premier League, I have managed to secure some new players to strengthen the squad including Alan Smith, but I was wondering if anyone had any players in their saves at around 2014/15...
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    Braintree new stadium

    So finally having got Braintree into the Championship, sorting out the club finances and managing to sell one player for a £5m profit (got him for virtually nothing and sold within a season for £5m) the board has decided to shell out and build a new stadium to replace the aging Cressing Road...
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    Hi all So after reading a bit in the LLM section of the forums I thought i would put my liverpool save on the backburner for a while as it was proving a bit easy with a decent sqaud and cash to win and dive into the Lower Leagues and try my hand at working my way up. So I started unemployed...
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    Hi all My name's Andy, i live in Leeds and am a lifelong Liverpool fan. I started playing football management games about the time Champ Man 2 came out so have seen the game evolve over the years. I currently have two saves going on FM2009 Liverpool and Braintree FC, i always do a Liverpool...
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    FM2009 through Steam

    Hi all I recently purchased FM2009 through Steam, I have since tried to install different skins on it but am coming up against some problems. Basically i download and extract the file using WinRAR and extract it to the FM2009 folder in the steamapps folder but the skins do not seem to work, it...