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    Yorkshire Dream-Rise of SWFC

    As well as a journey man save (separate thread) I must have a save with the team I follow!!! I had a successful promotion to prem and mid table finish in FM17 before the game crashed and couldn't be loaded. So I hope for a good run with SWFC in FM18!! We had a very good first season, some...
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    The Real Journey Man - This Time Its Pesonal

    After playing FM time and time again, I've never really started form the bottom and worked up the ladder moving from job to job. A new save, new career path. What will FM future hold for me. So the manager: Real name, real age, real experience. Time to get searching for a managers...
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    Chelsea Career 3-4-3

    For those interested just thought I’d share my career this year. Probably like the majority this year I have opted for Chelsea as I loving the way Conte is getting them playing! I started off the first few games with a version of the 3-4-3. I was leaking goals and I did not like the way the...
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    Create a Club

    Does anybody know how to import 2d created kits into the create a club game? Obvs the badge is already done but I cannot get the kits to work cheers
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    New Fantasy Kits

    Share you're made kits for others!!!! Check out my posts for kits and also Yoblackcat has some awwsome kits!!!! I will make random team kits but if you have a preference then ask and I will see what I can do :D