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    442 SPURS by MALTE722

    malte722 uploaded 442 SPURS by MALTE722 Leave feedback below.
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    FMNation 442 SPURS by MALTE722 20.3.0

    Hi, good to be back again.. Been playing arround with different tactics and setting and finally decided to upload a version i been using with Spurs with great results.. although, it could have been even better.. still trying to fine tune it.. Feel free to try to make it even better with your...
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    Knap Wulf 4-4-2 Tactic

    Nice to see you again Mr Hough.. Im also back in buisness now :)
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    Malte722's 5-2-3 (In progress)

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    How important is OI's?

    Hello fellow FM-geeks! Im currently working on my first FM 2014 tactic. My question for you guys is how important do you think OI's is in this years edition? Have a nice evening. /MALTE722
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    Closing down "Own area", have you been successfully using this option?

    Hello fellow FM-geeks! I am trying different solutions for my back four at the moment. Regarding the closing down for the back four. In my opinion it's not even worth trying the option of closing down own area, regarding of the position of the players. It MAY work for creative OMC's, but that's...
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    'THE CHRISTMAS TREE' - A tactic by Malte722

    delete thread. im done with the f*cking whiners.
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    442 The Iron Ones (updated) by Roncerno and Malte722

    442TheClarets by Malte722 Hey guys! First and foremost, I apologize. I have had such a decision anxiety about what tactic I really should have as my final. I tried "TheClarets" a lot, but in the long run so it was not nearly as good as I first thought. Therefore, I have now decided to use...