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    4-1-5 crusher or suicid

    jules34 uploaded 4-1-5 crusher or suicid Leave feedback below.
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    jules34 uploaded 4231-J34 Leave feedback below.
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    4312 total attac

    jules34 uploaded 4312 total attac Leave feedback below.
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    23212 Asymetric - Lot of Goals

    jules34 uploaded 23212 Asymetric - Lot of Goals Leave feedback below.
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    2-2-2-2-2 Lot of goals

    Hello, obviously the tactic that works best on this edition of fm19 is 442 or 4141. But I'm not a fan of these devices and besides I have not effective to play with. Also I tried to adapt my tactics on fm18 which worked very well. Although I think it is still improvable it reflects my...
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    Hammerhead shark (4-2-1-3) 18.3.3

    Hammerhead shark (Patch 18.3.3) Philosophy - High Pressing - Score lot of goals - Play beauty Football Formation / First XI Instructions NO IO'S Advice: Change to "Normal" The Def-Line if your defender are slow players. For the Away game, you can decrease the pressing level...
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    Possibility to desactive auto update?

    Hello Does it possible to desactive the FM15 "auto update" in steam menu? the patch 15.2 is installing and my tactic don't work very well since this patch. I would to choose when i download the pacth!