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    This seems to be very inconsistent I have a high scoring win then next game concede early and despite having many chances can’t score
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    FM20.4.4 @[email protected]

    Using this for my Barnsley save an absolute beaut of a tactic
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    playgm Binghuo's Helicopter

    I tried it with my Barnsley save won against Shrewsbury in cup 3-0 lost next game to Cardiff 7-0 no shots on target at all I’ve binned it off
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    Oh Janni Serra

    Looks interesting might try it with Barnsley save
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    FM 20.4(4-3-3)@[email protected]

    Ive been using this tactic with Barnsley in championship storming the league, I’ve had one loss and 2 draws in 12 games 7 points clear at top and in quarters of carabao.
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    Overflow - 4-1-5 chance creating machine (202 chances, 100+ goals with Arsenal)

    would swan work in championship or should I just stick to zipper and synthesis
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    Overflow - 4-1-5 chance creating machine (202 chances, 100+ goals with Arsenal)

    Cheers will definitely try did you use one home one away or doesn’t it matter?
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    Shake Yer Tika-Taks (4-3-3)

    Does anyone think this would work for an average championship side like Barnsley
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    Overflow - 4-1-5 chance creating machine (202 chances, 100+ goals with Arsenal)

    Would any of these work for an average championship team
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    KNAP and ROBERS collaboration tactic. WARPIGS 4-2-4 test and all instructions for manual input.

    I tried to do the set up managed the tactic but the corners and free kicks were a mare and I gave up, are the set piece setup same as knaps other tactics ie wulf ones?
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    4-2-3-1 Anarchy. Fluid Football.

    Do the iw need to be right footed on left side and left footed down the right?
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    4-3-2-1 Fighting Falcon

    No tweak as not sure what I would need to do
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    4-3-2-1 Fighting Falcon

    It worked fine and was winning easily but recently been going early goals down change it to attacking and get a good lead, change it back to positive and often ends up squeaky *** at end
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    4-3-2-1 Fighting Falcon

    I've 3 games left including a cup final using this tactic but it seems to not be working as effectively, any ideas as to what I can do to steady it?
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    4-3-2-1 Fighting Falcon

    I'm using this with my Barnsley save, switched to it with about 10 games left. Into FA cup final, Europa conference semis and 5th in prem. Hudson-odoi and ivanesvic are really enjoying it, think I need 2 quality players in summer now