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    work permit issues

    I've brought a Serbian player from Toulouse, he didn't get his work permit originally but he is an international so I though give it 6 months. I've tried to reapply but whenever I click it doesn't register and this keeps happening? it also doesn't have a list of days until I can reapply either...
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    improve this squad to win the title

    i am 3/4s through the season i thought i strengthened my squad compaired to last season but i am 5th atm probably going to finished 4th though but really want to win the title again squad gk ospina begovic CB jonny evans mehdi benatia bassong dovervan daniels RB santon kyle mcnaughton LB...
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    Adem Ljajic

    i believe this guy was a wonderkid last year but i have never seen him being mentioned in this years game on this forum. every time some posts a help my team and they want ot challenge the top four, no one ever suggests ljajic on my west brom save last year he scored 8 goals and got 21 assists...
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    quailty centre midfielder

    im west brom i am near the end of my 4th season in charge and my team is strong, i had a blip at the start which stopped me challenging city, i am now going to finish top 4 with ease. my team has quailty keepers ospina and begovic strong defence, but rather weak in depth but kept fit therer...
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    does this set of players have the quality to retain the prem

    goal keepers asmir begovic david ospina fullbacks boswinga kyle naught davide santon michal kadlec centrebacks medhi benetia jonny evans sebastian bassong craig dawson dovervon daniels centre midfielders danjiel pranjic chris brunt george thorne lassana diarra wingers adem ljajic lazar...
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    west brom 3rd season champions league/ title challenge

    my team is atm gk Begovic Ospina RB Jose boswingha Kyle Naughton (he did good last season) LB bring in kadlec, naughton cover there aswell CB Bassong Jonas Olsson Craig dawson might bring in kolo toure midfield danijel pranjic george thorne Adem ljajic chris brunt adam johnson lazar markovic...
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    wilfried bony (the phyiscal speciman)

    i just randomly decide to check all season summarys and scout the top assist and goalscorer and in the dutch league i found a guy from vitesse wilfried bony he has average stats in technical and mental, around lower premier league stats but in phyiscal his stats are really strong in alot of...
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    craig dawson most underated defender

    i am west brom on my season and craig dawson has been great the last two seasons1st season him and olsson formed a great partner ship and got me 4 best defence in the league and a 7,09 average for a 3 star player is greatnow my second season he has forced himself back in the team with bassong...
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    need good set piece specialist for 5 mill or under

    im west brom and at the minute im 2nd in the table but i have noticed that i am poor at scoring from free kicks, indirect and direct attempts. the best player i have is chris brunt with 15, and few players at 14 and 13 i know it will help my champions league push if i had a set piece player who...
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    fierro, is far too good for my team need advice

    im west brom and last season my 3 main strikers. long 18 goals *** 15 goals bueno 13 goals all did well in front of goal so i thought i would grab two good young strikers fierro and markovic, as cover and subs. but bueno has gone off form and long and *** both got red cards in the season so i...
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    need advice on how to improve my west brom team please urgent!

    hello i just finished my west brom season i came 7th overall and won the F.A. cup my top scorers were shane long 15 simon *** 13 alberto bueno 10 just in the league for all. olsson long, brunt, and mulumbu were highest rated players my future transfer are asmir begovic carlos fierro lazar...
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    need help with training youth players up

    does anyone have some great training tactics for me to make players live up to their potential i have about 9 players under the age of 20 that are rated 4 star and above but i doubt my training plans are good enough can anyone suggest a training tactic to make sure atleast 6/7 of the players...
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    Goalkeeper help for west brom

    right im west brom and im doing well in my 1st season atm its january and im 6th with my strikers scoring and my midfielders assisting like machines and a solid defence ben foster is doing a great job for me atm and i have 4.6 million jan transfer cash to spend and im 40k positive in wages so i...