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    Using a players match statistics

    Does anyone use these to pick a team , or buy a player ? , ive been playing for years but rarely use them as i'm not overly sure what they tell you , so does anyone use them either via the stats screen on reports screen or by custom views If you use them , in what way do you use them , do you...
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    Average attributes compared

    In the team report screen there is the comparison screen , this gives the best and worst attributes of teams in the same league , it also shows your teams average attributes , the one thing that has always done my head in is the actual average bar , that never shows you what the actual average...
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    Skins ?

    There doesnt seem to be as many skins for FM 18 as there was for FM 17 , are people having problems making them for it ?
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    Coaches team talk advice

    I'm currently giving the demo a go , so i'm not sure if this is an issue with just the demo or the game itself , when you go to the dressing room screen to give team talks , in FM 17 you could get advice from other coaches before giving your teamtalk , or you could let a coach from the advice...
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    Assistant picking team

    I don't often use the Assistant picking the team function ,, but its always interested me how its does it, what criteria does the Assistant use for picking the team , what is it based on , form ? , fitness ? , start rating ? does anyone have any knowledge ?
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    Position or Role ?

    I've just downloaded Genie scout for the first time , and one thing ive noticed is the position percentage it gives is different to the various role percentages for that position, so that got me thinking, what is more important to look for,, a player whose position value is greater than the role...
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    Leave team talks to Assistant ??

    Ive got an Assistant and a coach with a higher motivation stat than what is on my manager profile, would it be better to let the Assistant or Coach take the team talks instead of doing them myself, Does the higher motivation matter when it comes to team talks or, even though my motivation is...
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    Assistant picking players

    Sometimes for a cup game in the early rounds i press quick pick for the assistant to pick my players for me, but how does the A.I assistant pick the team ?, what does it go by, is it current ability, form or average rating or is it completely random, i think in all the years of playing ive never...
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    Smartshirt designer2 question

    Ive been using Smart shirt designer to make my own kits. There is a folder with all the designs by the kit makers that come with the SSD2 download, ive recently downloaded a template folder so i can add the number of designs to make more kits, however these templlates are different to the...
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    smartshirt designer 2 question

    I was wondering where i can find the graphics for the sponsers and club badges to put on the shirts,,,,,,i can use the designer but i cant find any sponsers etc,,,, Could someone let me know where i can find these so i can make my own shirts.