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    Stadium of Light - The only way is up

    *first season update will be brief Today Sunderland confirm former Notts County and GB u23 manager, Mike Earles as the successor to the first managerial casualty of the EPL season 2012/2013 manager Steve Bruce.Earles enjoyed a brief playing career with Wigan Athletic and Leeds United, winning 23...
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    Guys im begging you help me

    rightt. I recently got my laptop fixed. from a genuine shop. i got a new hard drive and windows xp. Now im getting a message sayng i need to activate my windows, so i put in my product key doesn't work, i ring them up and give them another type of reg key, not the same as product key, and it...
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    Earlzi's Arsenal Story !

    Breaking News : Arsene Wenger confirms he is to step down as manager of Arsenal. "Arsene Wenger has stepped down from his post as manager at the emirates due to personal reasons but he will still remain involved in the club, His successor has already been revealed in what can only be described...
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    Olympique Lyonnais

    Lyon Story .. Database : v7 Update Countries Loaded : England, Italy, France, Spain, Germany Lyon Board Expectations : Ligue 1 Orange - 1st Champions League - First Knockout Round Coupe de France - WInners...
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    Box 2 Box midfielder?

    Rightio, Im reading TT&F and it says for a Box2Box MIdfielder you should set him to highest mentality but give him support role so he doesn't neglect his defensive duties. HOw do i give him a support role? Is it something really straightforward that im missing ? Thanks in advance, should...
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    Right some one pick what team i should go i can't decide. arsenal roma inter ac milan notts county
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    NEW KIT I Made

    Here the kit i made for my local team skem utd. My first ever one, feedback please x
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    Hey I'm new here so first things first hihihi. Right so Im man city in the second season. Basically can anyone give me any suggestions of players for the following i list as Barca, Utd, AC Milan, Real etc are all hovering round them with comments in the media everyday and my players say the...