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    How do I MANAGE Germany?

    Hold your "use the search tool" rants please. I'm not asking how to unlock it, I got all that working and it's using the real players alright. The problem I have is it's impossible to get the manager job in a running game (without adding a new manager or selecting it at the start). Even...
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    Advanced Rules?

    I know it's getting increasingly harder to enable those hidden features in the editor, and SI doesn't condone and yada yada, but I still have to ask: Does anyone here know how to enable the custom rules/panel/list view in the editor in this version? Or give me a nudge in the right direction? Or...
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    Vladimir Yurchenko

    Hey all... I'm sure a lot of you guys remember Vladimir Yurchenko from last year as one top class free agent who would even join relatively lowly clubs (Last years player profile here). So naturally he was one of the first players I looked for in this years Football Manager and was pretty...
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    Luca Marchi - Most Average Player EVER

    This is not a recommendation or endorsement of any kind. I just found this guy and I thought I share him to your amusement. He is seriously the most average player I have ever seen - he can do it all, but none of it well - just look at those attributes.... And I looked him up in the editor...
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    Scouts that can't scout

    So, here's the thing: I signed three new scouts, and they are utterly useless. When I go to "Scouting assignments" I can't send them out because the options are greyed out with the "Only scouts are allowed...." warning, when I send them to get scout reports I get nothing back and when I respond...
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    Sani Emmanuel

    Name: Sani Emmanuel Club: My People (Nigeria) D.O.B:23 /12/1992 Nationality: Nigerian Position: Striker (also an OK Right Winger) Agent: None Strengths: Pace/Acceleration, Dribbling, First Touch, Finishing, Weaknesses: Jumping, Strength, Decisions, Stamina - and he's very...
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    Mickys Tips: Scouting On A Budget

    Alright, so I got a few saves running currently, and i tend to find a ton of great players that I never even heard of before. Mostly inspired by my first long-running story, I started spending a lot of time finding players, and now decided to share some of those tricks. it will take some time...
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    Trainig hidden attributes?

    So, in one of my side-saves I came across an amazing striker. Very young, very fast, good finishing and composure, the whole package, and quite cheap as well. It all looks peachy, but that guys is a total **** on the pitch. In the last seven games he got five cards, including a yellow-red combo...
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    Teramo Calcio - Awaking "The Devil"

    Teramo Calcio - known as Il Diavolo (the devil) and Biancorossi (white-reds) - is an Italian football club, founded in the Abruzzo region in 1913. After a long stint in the Serie C1, the third highest tier in Italian football, things started to decline rapidly in recent years In the 2006/2007...
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    Club vs National Team

    I looked high and low and couldn't find anything about is, so here's my simple question: Is there any way to arrange a friendly match between my club and a National team?
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    Transfer Story Leaked

    First off, yes, I did search, and no, my questions weren't answered in what I found, at least not sufficiently. So basically, everybody knows about the "Transfer Story has leaked - interest in player is likely to increase" problem. Never really bothered me too much, but in my current save it's...
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    Players vanish

    So I'm playing another lower-league game in Spain this time, and suddenly it starts to happen that players simply vanish on me. Not only vanishing from season to season, but just now I had two guys that I scouted, both free agents aged 25 and 27 simply disappear out of the game DURING CONTRACT...
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    Petar Skuletic - Unsung goal machine

    I just wanted to mention this guy as I have never heard of him before I signed him up in my current (story) save. I got him for free in the 2013/2014 season, and he has since gotten striker of the year in the Bundesliga and even the Golden Boot in the Champions League. I play him as either...
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    Backroom Advice - Staff Additions

    Well, as I think most of us are aware by now, every once in a while the backroom advice comes up with possible additions to either the coaching, scouting or even physio department. What I found, however, is that most if not all of the suggestions are a lot less qualified than what I could find...
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    Add a reserve team?

    Hi all, well, let me fill you in before I post the real question: I am playing a German Lower League team, currently going well and just make my second consecutive promotion up to tier 3. As some of you might be aware, the German league structure has no dedicated Reserves leagues, rather than...
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    Wagner Love - A SpVgg Bayreuth Story

    AN INTRODUCTION: Now that I have your attention, I am not talking about the prolific, ****-star loving Brazilian striker. I am, in fact, talking about a sleepy town in the northern part of Bavaria called Bayreuth. A town of just over 73.000 people it might be best known around the world as the...
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    German lower leagues?

    Hey all, well, I did search, and to no avail, so here's my question: Is there any custom database out there that includes the lower German leagues (down to around tier 5)? With all this reading of LLM I am quite tempted to start a game with my hometown team playing in the Oberliga in Germany...
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    Anyone else using Match Day Information?

    Just out of boredom during a relatively boring match I opened a few more of those mat-day information windows one day. I never really used them much , except the scores and league table during exciting season finales. One thing that completely changed my managing was the Player Motivation...
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    Draft Protection?

    I haven't seen any info on this anywhere so here's my question: What IS Draft Protection, and how long is it in effect? In one of my saves I found this American regen goalie, 20 years old with amazing stats, scout is crazy about his potential, but he plays for an American team and is...
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    Leeds United - The New English "Hoffenheim"

    Alright, big surprise, another Leeds United save. What can I say, I always try different clubs but after two seasons at the most I long back to managing my Leeds team. As a lot of time I end up with my usual suspects as key signings I want to try something different this time, namely a...