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    To all skin makers out there - a request!

    Hi all, i'm looking to anyone with the knowledge (and time) to make a skin for me. I've been lookin on the various FM sites for a skin based on the club i support (Rangers), and clearly i've had no joy. So i thought i'd ask people if they could make one - hey if i don't ask, i don't get right...
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    ARRRGH! FM does my nut in sometimes!

    anyone else get as annoyed as me at FM sometimes? was managing Rangers, and felt i was doing quite well, won the treble in my first season and reached last 16 of the champions league! along came the second season, made a few good signings Pedro(Barca), Joe Hart and Bojinov(Man City), was...
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    fm base not recognising login?

    anyone else had any problems logging in? i registered and then donated to the site (still have confirmation email) then after 2 weeks the site would not let me login, and also didnt recognise my email address, tried to contact admin about this, as yet no reply, anyone else had the same problem???