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    I'm looking at trying to get Alonso for my Arsenal team at the start of the first season (on the 9.3 patch). Has anyone done this before? and can anyone give me some tips on how I could make this happen.
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    Morning all

    Hi I'm Tom Been reading this forum for some time now and today I have signed up (dont know why it has taken this long to sign up) I'm on holiday in Finland with my girlfriend and I'm itching to get back home to play FM 09 again so I'm on this forum picking up some tips for when I get back.
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    What to do with Arshavin?

    I just have a question for you guys. With Arshavin on the 1st season with Arsenal (lastest update) where do you think is best for him to play. Him playing ALW, ACM or ST? Would like to hear peoples opinions on this.