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    From Pakistan to the Premier League, via Bermuda, Gambia, Iran and Moldova

    So this is the plan for the new career. I'm gonna start off with no badges, no anything, and slowly get to the top. But, I've exactly 20 countries to do this in. These countries are: Egypt Ethiopia The Gambia Costa Rica Jamaica Bermuda Brazil Colombia Bolivia New Zealand Iran Uzbekistan...
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    Join, Win, Quit, Repeat

    (I'm working on a backstory here) So basically, my intention for this career mode is to simulate a save to the 1st of January ever year, and take over any team in the relegation zone who don't have a manager. However, at the end of the season, I must resign from the post and repeat the process...
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    Extinctian League- 9 Divisions

    Hello everyone, this is my second database so far in FM 2016, and this time I've renamed St Vincent and the Grenadines 'Extinctistan'. I've also remade 479 teams who in real life no longer exist. Ranging from Vaslui of Romania to Home Farm of Ireland, between Atlanta Silverbacks and BJ Youth...
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    Republic of Ireland- Generation Green

    Hi guys, so today I'm going to start a new type of career- an international one. With my beloved home country, the Republic of Ireland. I'm going to start off by loading three editor data files: Level 24 England by Dan and Level 7 Ireland and 8 Northern Ireland by Sangue Blu. These are all...
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    Fantasy Draft

    Hi, can someone please explain to me how online Fantasy Draft works once you join a game, and tell me what to do after I join a game? Thanks
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    Barclays Premier League Fantasy Squads

    Hey guys, So I've made a database in which all 20 teams in the BPL have top quality players from around the world, a balance of 1 billion pounds, top reputation, oh- and a transfer embargo til 2020. :D WHO WILL SUCCEED? WHO WON'T? YOU FIND OUT! Download here...
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    Spuddy's British Steel Challenge

    BREAKING NEWS: WHITEHAWK HIRE TIERNAN AS MANAGER Young manager Oisin Tiernan has taken charge of Vanarama Conference South side Whitehawk. Tiernan, who has no managerial or playing experience, has replaced Steve King, who resigned after a very public affair with the club's tea lady, Doris...
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    Gibraltar... but with cool new players!

    Hi guys, So I'm planning to make a Gibraltar database, except: 1. It will have the exact same league structure and teams, 2. The teams will have brand new players! You may have heard of a few of them (Carlos Marchena, Victor Valdes and Salvador Cabanas being some of the more famous ones) 3...
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    Champions League for promoted teams

    Hi, I wanted to know; how can you make a Champions League, except for the winners of the 2nd tier in each European nation? I want to do this without messing up the actual CL/EL. Thanks ;)
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    Post filters

    It would be very nice if we could block posts involving 'Love specialists' or 'Learn astrology in Bangalore, so why don't we introduce 'post filters'?
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    Rochdale, 1st Season

    I need new players (free transfers) for Rochdale. I have a current max wage of £925 (sadly), and no transfer budget. Any help? Thanks
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    How to get FM 2015 windowed?

    Could someone please tell me how to get FM 2015 in Windowed mode? Thanks
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    BaP: From Non-League to- uh, well, wherever the game takes you, I guess...

    UPDATE: ZNIK TAKES OVER! (sorry for the massive font lol) K lol ZNIK is in charge now
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    Harnafjordur: It's not as simple as Black and White...

    HARNAFJORDUR HIRE TIERNAN 1st January 2014 Icelandic club Harnafjordur have hired Oisin Tiernan as their new manager. The 25 year old, who has no previous managing experience, is expected to bring success to Harnafjordur. With a transfer kitty of £60,000, who knows what to expect from this...
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    June 2014. The Black Death is rife again. A potentially career ending disease. Who will fall victim? You will find out. Download link below.
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    American State League

    Hey guys, this is my first ever database on FM 2015, and it's still a work in progress. So, I'm making a league, with one team from each state. Each team will have: -The best players born in that state on the team -A director and manager from that state -A sugar daddy, and finances appropriate...
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    The European Reject Challenge

    Hey guys, this is my first challenge, and I am doing it on FM 2014, as 2015 won't load at all. So basically, you: Take control from a team in the top division in any UEFA nation (use this editor data TheSacrisant's Leagues Megapack for FM14 | FM Scout to get all 53 nations) I will provide...
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    Oscar Cardozo

    Just found an absolute beast. Oscar Cardozo, playing for SLB. I simmed a Free Agent Fantasy game, and he signed for Everton. He scored 23 goals. Definitely reccomended for upper-middle Prem teams. Sorry I can't post screenshots.
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    This is just a mini-database to create a small European country called Fummyland.
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    Ireland Shaken Up (Provincial leagues)

    So basically, I've created an shaken up version of the Irish Football Leagues. I may make an edit and add 32 new county leagues if I can soon.