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    Fm Modifier problem!

    I have just installed the modifier for Football Manager 08 and i have found that when i try and search for something i get the following error " data read error (ID:1073) ... i have set it as run as administrator and set the options to the correct patch and version and tried re-installing but i...
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    How To Make Skins??

    Does anyone have or know of any guides that tell you how to make skins?? any help wud b appreciated :D
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    Logo Templates

    are there any logo templates avaliable to download anywhere?? would be much appreciated because ive created my own team and they havent got a logo lol
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    Created Team Help!!!

    Ive just finished my first season with a team ive created and i noticed that they wernt in the FA Cup Is there a way to fix this?? also is there a way of creating a 3d kit for my team so that it shows up in the match engine??
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    3D Match Engine Problem!!

    Hi ive just recently brought fm for christmas and ive found that when im watching the matches in 3d all of the premier league teams all have plain white kits Any help on this would be much appreciated :)