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    Fresh Meat at West, erm, Ham

    Just like to clarify, I'm going to post the first couple of seasons very quickly as I'm now on my third season. Hope people will follow this.
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    Can't Get Further Than the Start Up Screen on FM16

    All of a sudden when I load FM 16 I can't get past the start screen, it either keeps loading but doesn't do anything (twenty minutes it was like this before I gave up) or it just crashes my whole computer. Why does this happen?
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    Only Getting First Names!!

    Just got a new computer and I've got FM on steam from my previous computer and any time I start a new game, all the players and staff are addressed by only their first names ie. in West Ham (Mark Noble becomes "Mark" Dmitri Payet becomes "Dmitri" James Tomkins becomes "James"). I've quit and...
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    Hi guys I'm creating a database almost an experiment to see how the rest of the world can get on in terms of competing with the European leagues and to see if big players will leave these established leagues to play in say Botswana! The problem I'm having is linking continents so that they can...
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    Mr Europe: 52 Countries to Conquer

    I've decided to start a save based on one that I have seen before. For the life of me I cannot remember the person's name, but they are currently in 2041 on FM 14 in Slovenia if anyone knows who it is. Anyway here's the aim of the challenge. There are 52 leagues in Europe, so my aim is to win...
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    The West Ham Way is On It's Way

    Allardyce Told to Leave Upton Park Manager Sam Allardyce has been told today by owners that his services are no longer needed at West Ham. This comes after a few controversies with the manager around the club. Allardyce had reportedly used "bullying" to lure youngster Ravel Morrison to sign up...
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    Celtic League

    Hi guys, so I'm wanting to do a league where I bring in Northern Ireland, Rep of Ireland, Scotland and Wales in a "Celtic League" and I know how to set it up, but I'm a bit confused on how qualifying for Europe would work out because there is 4 nations... Can anyone help?
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    Changing Nations

    Hello, I have a few questions. First I'm making a database for the new FM (going to test it on FM 2013) and I know it might not be the same editor, but it will give me some basic help. I'm making nations join together such as Scotland, Wales, Ireland and N.Ireland to make Celtic State and so...
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    Scottish Leagues REFORMED

    Scottish Leagues REFORMED - Downloads - Football Manager 2013 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats So...in the description of the download it describes most of this new league. I also made two new teams for the bottom division to make up the numbers - Inverclyde and Gourock. Their are 13 leagues and...
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    Creating badges

    I wasn't sure whether to put this in editing or tech help. However, I'm creating new teams on Data Editor and I'm adding badges. How do I do this?
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    Too Good For The Championship

    "Houston Is A Hammer" "West Ham secure Houston deal" Houston on a local "Shiterail" train. From my first days at West Ham I could tell that it was going to be a struggle. Lazy bastards, strikers who scored less than Susan Boyle and a defence who were as tight as the Thames. I realised that...
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    Petition to be allowed to run without Steam for 2013.

    Right, I have had some trouble trying to get my game working because I have to install it via Steam and the DEP on my computer won't let it run. All I want is the ability to play Football Manager without Steam. Please sign it to show your support! Permission to let Football Manager 2012 run...
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    I am so annoyed, finally install Football Manager and "Data Execution" comes up. I look for the program to allow it to let Football Manager play and it isn't there? HELP!:(
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    Game won't install.

    Right, I got Football Manager 2012 today (thanks to my legendary postie) and I tried to install the game and it said it can't be installed as it is not been released yet. Is there any loophole into installing it cos I'm sure I could install it last year when I got it early?
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    Pokemon Discussion

    Today I had a nostalgic moment with Pokemon. Realised how great it used to be:( On here you can talk about the games, favourite Pokemon or anything to do with Pokemon :P
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    Favourite Album of the Year

    Ok, there have been a number of great albums from bands/artists some to include are: Arctic Monkeys-Suck It and See The Wombats-This Modern Glitch The Vaccines-What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? Kasabian -Velociraptor! Lady Gaga-Born This Way The Strokes-Angle Blink 182-Neighbourhoods Noah...
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    Tre Fiori in Europe

    Hi I am in 2016/2017 season with Tre Fiori (San Marino team) and when I started in 2010/2011 San Marino were bottom of co-efficients with 1 champions league place (qualifying round) and 1 europa league place (1st round). In my first three years i got past the qualifying round and into the 2nd...
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    Skins (E4)

    The simple question: What is your favourite series of Skins? I personally thought that Series 5 was good and better than 4 and 2 and 3, but the 1st wins it:) Comment and vote on the poll guys:D
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    Skins (E4)

    The simple question: What is your favourite series of Skins? I personally thought that Series 5 was good and better than 4 and 2 and 3, but the 1st wins it:D Comment and vote on the poll guys:) If you aren't faimliar with Skins, it is about teenagers with the usual ***, drink, drugs and...
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    San Man! A San Marino story..

    Intro Right guys! I got quite bored with other games I was playing so I decided to do what everyone seems to do. Play the San Marino challenge. I will go the national team and Tre Fiori (top San Marino team) with the possibility of the Italian team in the future. Welcome to San Marino! My...