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    Automatic & Better Regen Faces

    Hello, some of you may remember me, i used to make a heck of a lot of kits for fm11/12 etc and then made quite a few tactics for fm 14 several months back. But anyway, new game is out soon, so new awesome-sauce managerial gaming to be had! I stumbled upon a korean website, (i believe it was...
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    *****Iota's Lounge of Tactics*****

    *****Iota's Lounge of Tactics***** New tactic Added - 24/01/2014 Hello you beautiful people, This thread will be the home of the tactics i create for the game we all love, i thought it would be better to keep everything in one place instead of making several different threads, this way i can...
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    1-3-3-3 Total Taka! CCC's - 55-70% possession.

    (if a mod can move this thread to the main tactic sharing sub-section, i would be most appreciative, thanks) Right, hello all again, you beautiful people. I have been working on a tactic, finally, here is the first version: 1-3-3-3 Total Taka ^^ Most i have ever beaten PSG this year...
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    The poor Man's Drogba/Lukaku.

    There aren't too many players with Drogba's tenacious approach and finishing capabilities, you can indeed get him for bout 3 million. but in my experience he only wants to sign for the top teams, which might be a pain to those in the prem starting off as a mid table team looking for a strong...
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    ***Jassar MM HOME & Jassar AWAY 14.2 Tactic Review***

    ***Jassar MM HOME & Jassar AWAY 14.2 Tactic Review*** Jassar, in my opinion, is up there with "The Better Half" when it comes to tactic creation, you always know with both these authors that you are in for a treat, i know i am! Anyway, i thought i would write up a mini review of sorts for...
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    4-4-2 LLM Dominance.

    Hey hey, I decided to try to make a decent tactic for the lower leagues (Skrill), so i went about star6ting a new game as Maidenhead United and i thought that if i could get somewhere with this team, it must be a decent tactic, that and a fair few freebie players! Now, this works great with my...
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    On to a Corker here! 22 games unbeaten LLM!

    Hey Hey, I thought i would give myself a daunting task and start as one of the worse teams in the english game, Maidenhead United, predicted finish 17th Skrill South who have a "Meh" squad, had to drag in a lot of free players on cruddy wages! Anyway, the tactic i am using is a 4-4-2 with a...
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    Can't add a badge to a single team

    quite irksome.. i have been adding kits and logos to teams galore, so i am aware of the process required, but there is one singular team who is not willing to play ball, the team in question is "continental star" with the Id 7940395 .. now, i can add kits to it, but not club badges normal or...
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    Voasy's English Lower League Database RELEASED! v1.1

    cheers, done about 10 thus far, keeping me busy :)
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    Voasy's English Lower League Database RELEASED! v1.1

    for the most part, but tier 11 is basic, currently.
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    Voasy's English Lower League Database RELEASED! v1.1

    can't edit posts for some reason, but yes.. the mass logo pack that everyone uses seems to miss a lot of the lower lower lower league teams, so i'll try and do what i can.
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    Voasy's English Lower League Database RELEASED! v1.1

    Hey Voasy, i hop you don't mind, i'm going to try and put as many kits and badges as possible into it, just a visual thing graphically, mind you, the kits are easy enough, i have hordes of templates to use, but hunting down all the badges will be fun :D anyway, i started, just now, with...
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    can't seem to edit a post of mine.

    the post/thread in question: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2014-transfer-updates-custom-leagues/150601-60-potential-stars.html#post1940784 I had everything laid out great, then i clicked preview, again, looked fine, pictures where in the middle, paragraphs sorted and the...
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    60 Potential Stars!

    I know this isn't strictly the right place, but fm-base seems to have merged a lot of the forums (old member) so this place seemed to be the more appropriate.Hey, hey!i am going to be doing an ongoing project (because i always enjoyed playing in the editor) adding players to this marvelous game...
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    Mean Machine FC

    for those of you who remember the vinnie jones 2001 film ^^ i created a MM FC team for, fm 10, i do believe? I recently got back into the series (uni and the real world had me occupied) so i decided to make the team again! I apologise for any Maidenhead FC fans (my local team) but they were...
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    Automatic Regen face replacement!

    hey hey, So i stumbled across this quite frankly awesome addition (originally made for fm 13 but still works for fm 14) and it replaces all those god awful regen faces you get, some are rather quite horrific! but this addition makes it a bit more realistic, the person who made it "bergkamp" i...
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    Creating a new wonder-kids advice

    Hey hey, so i am making an add on that will add 100 (currently 30 done) or so new wonderkids, 20 in each of the recommended in game countries. I was wondering, would it be better to put their PA to -10 or make it a set value like 180 or 185? Would, in your opinion, be a better "gaming...
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    Iota4u - Street Tee'shirts i have designed thus far

    Hello there, Not sure if many of you remember me etc, but i created the original street kits :) i had intended to cntinue that particular "brand" but university and family life had got the better of me, so to speak. So, i am back, but not hardcore full time aas before, so i shall not be taking...
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    Mortal Kombat - Rebirth

    Yesterday a viral video was released to promote the soon to be released remake of the Mortal Kombat Film franchise. It is a lot darker and more mature with evidently better acting. They have seemingly altered the MK universe slightly.. Jerry Ryan is Sonya Blade..i must..see..this...film...