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    FM Base Skin '2020

    The skin is nice but can I somehow change the color of the greenish that is everywhere to match team colors ?
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    4231 SS-WITCHER bring the wrath of GERALT

    I'm not sure it's mandatory. For WB's it's not but when using the AP's I use the one with left foot on the right and the one with the right foot on the left. but Sometimes I used a guy with Right foot on the right and he's just killing it . But maybe John can give you insights
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    MRCX 4141 Plug&Play (Regista, 2 Mezzalas)

    What year are you in xD ? those are all the world beaters in 1 team.
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    4231 SS-WITCHER bring the wrath of GERALT

    I use Manuel Urgante as Volante :D mostly. and I managed to get Tonali for 15mil since Brescia relegated and he's my DLP now.
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    4231 SS-WITCHER bring the wrath of GERALT

    Also a nice feedback would be. Please make sure to let us know we should really have 2 backup wing backs that are almost as good as our main ones. because after 2 -3 games they are so tired they need a break . :D That's how I did for Ac Milan . Spent more money on Wingbacks than Strikers lol
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    4231 SS-WITCHER bring the wrath of GERALT

    Can you ask for this tactic to be added to tactic testing ?
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    MRCX 4141 Plug&Play (Regista, 2 Mezzalas)

    BTW did you add this to Tactic Testing ?
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    MRCX 4141 Plug&Play (Regista, 2 Mezzalas)

    Thanks I will look into Lincoln and Myron Boadu. What's the most key attributes you look into a PF ? or you just take it what the game says he needs for a PF ?
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    AC Milan unbeaten 4-2-3-1

    I will use this and see how it works :D . Will give you feedback on it ^_^
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    MRCX 4141 Plug&Play (Regista, 2 Mezzalas)

    I feel it's very solid in defense but if you'r Wingers/PF ain't doing much the game do turns out 0-0 sometimes. Also sometimes the *** manager recommended I should use in certain matches shorter passing than direct and I felt we managed to win some games using shorter passing . maybe see if...
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    Friend of The Fiend v3 20.3 3/3/20

    Can you explain what you mean by Touchline instructions must be done by yourself, Do not leave to assistant ? What's a touchline instruction o.O ?
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    MRCX 4141 Plug&Play (Regista, 2 Mezzalas)

    So I won with your tactic :D . Can I ask you what players would you recommend for a PF ? Ibra/Leao were just not good and I was lucky that Kessie which I used as a Mezzala on ATK got me like 20 goals. Ante Rebic was used up front and he also scored some.
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    MRCX 4141 Plug&Play (Regista, 2 Mezzalas)

    So here's how my tactic looked . Yes It may have not been as good as yours atm i'm in February and top of the league so that's something wow. Also Don't mind how the players are set, cause I just loaded the game and added my tactic and that's how the game added them.
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    MRCX 4141 Plug&Play (Regista, 2 Mezzalas)

    Yes the current match engine is v2040. I will take it for a spin then as I am having troubles creating my own tactic :/ . I tried playing something like you did (withouth those team instructions) but instead of IW on the midfield they were AM(IW) so upper in terms of positioning. but maybe...
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    MRCX 4141 Plug&Play (Regista, 2 Mezzalas)

    Hei, Does it still work on the new updated engine ? I would like to try this for my Milan save :)
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    I need a tactic for AC Milan

    So I saw Milan has some solid midfield players with Paqueta, Kessie, Krunic,Bonnaventura,Bennacer, Alesandro sala (good youth prospect). And in defence there's only Romagnoli,Mussacio and Kjaer . As for Attack Ibra,Leao,Rebic,Hakan and Samu. So I'm thinking of a 4-3-3 I think ... 3 Midfielders...
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    Lower League Team need tactic which not too many instructions but effective

    So i want to play like a non league to big league club way (same as lolujo) and I swear to god I am having such a hard time figuring out a tactic that works for ****** teams.. it's easy when you play with Milan/Reading/RB Leipzig..but when you're some team from the 3rd league in Ukraine and they...
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    The Fiend v11 20.3.0 5/3/20

    Downloaded V7 right now. Will second season with reading currently and I have to ask what kind of PA should my player have to be good with your tactic..or they should just be natural at the roles you have selected ? Also will get your 4-3-3 Friend of the Fiend to see how it works :)
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    Tactic Testing Feedback

    Q: Can we know what teams were used to test the tactic ? I mean maybe a tactic is epic if it's used on Real Madrid but doesn't perform if used on Tier 3 Bundesliga for example
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    New Rookie in the house

    Hello, Name is Sorin, 24 from Romania and I really love football manager. I have played FM2015 like crazy and now made the upgrade to 2017. My favorite teams are Fiorentina, FC Viitorul Constanta, Man United and Anderlecht. I played a save with each of these teams in FM15 and I managed to gain...