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    New club in A-League

    Because I could never find a way to remove the hardcoded continental ban for Wellington Phoenix, I was thinking of adding the defunct Football Kingz (also NZ based) to A-League instead so I can finally have a New Zealand club that can qualify for AFC champions league. I'm really not very good...
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    Road to 1000 goals: Life of a Striker

    This is my latest attempt of a story, and it's going to be about the career of a single player rather than a club or manager. More precisely, the career of a striker. The goal? Well goals, actually. 1,000 of them at the very least, and hopefully setting new goal scoring records for both real...
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    Show Off Your Manager

    Show off your brand new avatar after uploading your photo in FM. I'll start... Honestly my avatar looks much cooler than me. Should probably put this on my facebook profile...
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    Tactics & Hidden Attributes

    Anybody struggling with inconsistent form, hit and miss tactics, too many yellow cards, 'scripted' results in key matches: Hidden Attributes matter. A lot. Consistency, Dirtiness, Big Matches hidden attributes of your players can and will make or break your tactic, so pay attention to...
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    Becoming Rogério Ceni: A Scoring Goalkeeper Story

    Rogério Ceni: the man, the myth. The goalkeeper that scored 131 goals for Sao Paulo during his long, illustrious career for the club. Winner of World Cup, Copa Libertadores, Club World Cup and many other trophies, Rogério is mostly remembered for his goal scoring ability, from both free kicks...
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    NOT Another San Marino Story 2016

    It's back. After my infamous FM12 effort http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2012-stories/87029-not-another-san-marino-story.html I'm finally prepared to embrace The Great San Marino Challenge through a (very) long term save - again! As famous Sammarinese legend Alberto Rossini I...
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    Toro Loko: A Red Bull Brasil Story

    Welcome to Campinas, Sao Paulo, home of my new Football Manager story! As my FM persona, legendary manager Alberto Rossini, I'll take over ambitious lower league side Red Bull Brasil with the goal of transforming them into world giants. Nicknamed Toro Loko ('The crazy bull') or RBB by their...
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    Rise Of The Phoenix: A New Zealand Story

    Welcome to Wellington & New Zealand, home of my brand new FM story! You might remember (or not...) my old series of San Marino Challenge and http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2012-stories/87029-not-another-san-marino-story.html well I still like me some good, unconventional club &...
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    Wellington Phoenix Help

    hi, a bit of a noob with editing so I'll ask for some help here. I like to play as Wellington Phoenix within a New Zealand club/country challenge, the problem is they can't qualify for Asian Champions League (as they are part of OFC unlike the others A-league clubs), and they don't enter OFC...
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    No, seriously, defending corners...

    with default settings I'm conceding an insane amount of goals form corners. A hat trick by a lower league 5'7-ish winger (all headers from CK) almost made me cry. anyone found a decent defensive setup for corner kicks?
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    One on one chances tactic

    Still looking for a tactic that consistently creates one on one chances for the striker(s). I've had success and won leagues using a few tactics but can never achieve the one thing I like to see from a tactic - ie one on one chances for the strikers. Wingers and attacking full backs tend to...
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    Reserves/U18 squad selection

    I really need the U18 manager to follow my instructions and use the players I want in the position I want, but he never seems to do that. He does use same tactic as first team as per instructions, but always selects players he wants. I manually pick the team in the U18 tactics screen and save...
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    The Great San Marino Challenge

    After last years success (...) http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2013-challenges-scenarios/107232-great-san-marino-challenge.html is back for 2014! Always had a soft spot for this classic challenge since the older versions of the game, credit to fellow San Marino specialist and...
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    NOT Another San Marino Story

    After a one year hiatus I finally feel ready to start http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2012-stories/87029-not-another-san-marino-story.html on FM14! Hopefully this will be a success story like the last one, though I have to say I still have a lot to learn in FM14, and current ME...
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    Playmaker Goalkeeper?

    I'd like to use my goalkeeper as a true libero/defensive playmaker, trying to replicate the unorthodox style of South American keepers like Hugo Gatti and Rene Higuita, who would often leave the penalty area and join defenders - and sometimes even attackers! - as additional outfield players...
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    Left footed poacher?

    Need a left footed poacher for my tactics, currently have Leigh Griffiths (good) and Pablo Mouche (always injured). No players from top european teams. Any ideas? Thanks
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    The Great San Marino Challenge

    After last years success (...) http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/challenges-scenarios/85095-great-san-marino-challenge.html is back for 2013! Always had a soft spot for this classic challenge since the older versions of the game, credit to fellow San Marino specialist and fm-baser Ubernisation...
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    The Nordic Challenge

    I came up with this challenge after being inspired by this story http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2012-stories/92128-az-swedish-immigrant.html, and especially the idea of investing in up and coming Scandinavian stars. I have to say I really liked this idea and thought that could...
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    Problem posting screens on FM base

    hello, I'm recently having problems posting screens from FM on this site. I have post tons of them without problems, but things have apparently changed now. Can anyone please take a look at post #10 of this thread...
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    NOT Another San Marino Story

    well despite the title, meant to be a play on Ubernisation's http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2012-stories/87006-another-san-marino-story.html#post1364507, this IS yet another San Marino story ;) If my other threads...