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    Andrei Ivan

    Anybody tried this youngster from CS U Craiova II ? You can buy him for 8.5 million. Probably the best all round young goal scorer i have found this year. This is him after 1 year at the start of the game. Anybody else tried him out ? He is top notch...
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    Arcadiusz Milik - Ajax

    This seems to be the invisible man on this forum, either that or people know him to well to make a thread. Probably one of the best strikers in game for me, he has it all. A Goalscoring machine. Also being 20 his stats improve very rapidly. He has been good in previous FM's but he is unreal in...
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    Cyril's Double Target Man

    Hi everyone i had a previously done a TUGA tweak in that past some people will know it some won't it revolved mainly around a 4 - 3 - 3 with heavy focus around supply to the Target Man striker. Since the new patch hit i have only recently tried playing again and have found some huge success with...
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    Italian goal scoring record.

    Can't find any evidence of this in game who holds the most goals for a Serie A player. The record should be 274 this is from Wikipedia. 1 Silvio Piola 1929–1954 274 537 0.51 I have just recently broke this with Luka Jovic yet i have had no update about it and further more i cant even find...
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    Key Passes

    Having looking at one of my players he seems to have a very high Key Pass rate as compared to other players in the league. What do you guys average around with your main creative force how high can you get key passes and what is a good number for a player to achieve. It's not something i have...
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    Good Sweepers ?

    So here's the run down i been having some great success with a Sweeper tactic in my current game but the only out and out Sweeper i can find in the game is Bonucci from Juventus. So the question is are there any more out and out Sweeper's around in this years version, i know it's sort of a lost...
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    The future king of Ajax Abdelhak Nouri

    Name: Abdelhak Nouri Team: Ajax Nationality: Dutch Position: MC/AMC can be trained to play AMR. AML or STC D.O.B: 02/02/1997 This is him at the start of the game. This is him after being tutored by Lorik Cana for 2 years straight seemed to have good chemistry there. Possibly the best stats...
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    Mario Pugliese - The much cheaper Marco Verratti

    Currently have an Ajax save running and picked this guy up on a free transfer what a steal ! Name: Mario Pugliese Team: Atlanta Nationality: Italian Position: MC/DMC D.O.B: 26/03/1996 Screenshot at the start of the game Screenshot after 2 years Will carry on this save he has a way to go...
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    Recommendations - Alternative Leagues

    I'm interested in peoples recommendations for alternative leagues. For instance something like a world league, European league, Legendary database or even a blast from the past database from a previous year ( eg 1995/1996 season, if they are completed. ) . I know there's a lot in the download...