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    Kits not showing...

    Hey, I deleted 'kits' from graphics file, as they weren't showing downloaded kits properly. Now every kit is blacked out and on tatics screen there is just a number, and no shirt. https://gyazo.com/ec267ce8bd1f1b2dab7b7ebc8cbaf263 https://gyazo.com/3f91ca9a32e52b6fc8cbbc092708141f Does anyone...
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    Moussa Dembélé

    Celtic striker, has anyone had the chance to try him in your team or any got screenshots of him few season into the game? Obviously in real life hes causing quite the fuss and looking at buying him in one of my saves but would like some insight into what he could develop into and whats the best...
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    Could someone show me a screenshot of this player after a few season, need to make decision on weather to buy him..
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    I'm in the first season with Chelsea an I have of course Courtois an I told Cech to free up wages and just to boost funds if needed and I didn't really feel like two first choice keepers was needed (Would be nice but didn't want one of them getting upset myself). I signed Walton from Brighton...
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    Unable to get player pictures..

    I downloaded the whole Panini portraits and icon megapack and extrated pt 1 as said in instructions, and when i reloaded skin they didn't show up. I am putting them in 'Football Manager 2014 > graphics > players' and the folder shows up in players. Am I doing something wrong? I need help...
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    I'm Chelsea in my first season and struggling for goals. I have Torres and Eto'o, Torres has been alright getting assists but no goals and missing lots of chances. Eto'o has been a pile of wank, hes been getting clear chances and getting into good positions but can't put the ball in the net...
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    I'm in my first season in January and still have Cole but I'm not too sure how long he stays as a world class LB on this game? Anyone have advice on that? But otherwise how does Bertrand develop? Is it worth buying a new young LB who has good potential or should I just stick with Bertrand and...
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    Know this has probably been asked, and there is a topic on this player already but I couldn't see anything so could someone either tell me how (CB) turns our or someone post a picture of his progress in a few years, debating to sign him for Chelsea as Terry is getting on, and Cahill isn't really...
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    Box to Box midfielder

    I'm Chelsea at the moment, 1st season, and doing fairly well but i've noticed that my midfield is a bit short - Ramires, Lampard, Fernando, Mikel, Romeu being the only central midfielders who are suitable to the position out and out, and I don't really want to start Romeu in premier league...
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    Champions league registration

    Well I'm doing a new save with Chelsea, and you need 'at least 4 players trained by Chelsea for 3 years between 15th and 21st birthday'. I've selected it myself then found out I didn't have enough, so I done 'auto select' to help me with it but says I only have 1 player, John Terry.. What can I do?
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    Chelsea FC

    Hey, was looking through the squad and being a Chelsea fan i'm quite biased towards each player. I want some advice on both who I should sign/positions I should sign and who I should sell. Got around 30million budget and already looking to sign Wellington Nem and Ademilson for future.
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    Good DM'ers

    Hey, looking for Defensive Midfielders, as my tactic is 4-2-3-1, with 2 defensive midfielders. One of them is a ball winning midfielder, then the other is a deep laying playmaker. Could anyone give me advice on who I could sign in the positions. Thanks! I am being Manchester United so budget...
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    Need help!

    Right not really sure where to put this - and this is probably a obvious question and i've just not seen it, but can anyone tell me how to resign from a club?
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    Help please..

    Right I've been looking for a while and I can't find a place where you get a full facepack. I mean which the top teams faces, I'm not that bothered about the lower leagues, I mean like the upper-tier teams in each country, and maybe some of the lower levels. I've seen the one in this section...
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    Needing help,

    I'm recently new to FM12, and i've never really stuck my head down and added things like pictures, skins etc... so now i'm wondering how do i add like player pictures & team badges to the game, and where do i download them? Thanks
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    In-game Help

    I'm not entierly sure if this is the right place to be putting this topic so apologize if it isn't - just post below where I should post and i'll relocate it next time, or a moderator could move this topic. Right anyway, I don't know if im just being dumb, or if its the game, but how do I set...
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    Help with Editer

    I have BraCa Soft editor and it works normally but how do i use it? Can somone send some screenshots or send a video you found or made to help me? Thanks.
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    Good tactic for my team?

    GK: Asenjo RB: Srna CB: Naldo / Richards LB: Zhirkov CM: Ireland Elano AM: Robinho RAM: SWP/Vela LAM: Balotelli ST: Vagner Love