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    Unable to loan out/sell U18 players

    I am unable to loan out/sell my U18 players: in the transfer window of the selected player, I can only change the squad status. Interestingly enough, I can sell my first squad players, but I still cannot sell a U18 player that I promote to the first squad. I suspect it is because When I...
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    Player with no club achievement in his bibliography

    A player that I have created via the editor has no information regarding achievements in his current club (only international achievements are displayed). I believe this is because I forgot to add a non-playing history when I created this player. This is a 10 seasons game and I don't want to...
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    Player called on international duty but not in the team

    I had this problem for a while, even with 14.30. Every time France squad is announced, Benzema is not on the list, but his status says he is away on international duty, resulting to his unavailability for a couple of weeks. I have reported the problem to SI games here and uploaded my save. Is...
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    scouting regens

    Hello everyone, I've been doing this cheating/trick for a while that consist of assigning my scouts to countries one day before the regens creation date, with instruction to scout players under 16 only with 3 stars potential. It always worked: every year each scout would find 4-5 players in one...
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    Asking Van Persie to tutor a young player

    Hi there, I would like to ask Van Persie to tutor one of my player? When I go to the private chat section, the development option is unavailable so I cannot ask him to tutor anyone. Any idea? Thanks a lot!