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    El Supercl?sico: Boca - River, 22.15 BST.

    From La Bombonera, in a little over 6 hours, Boca and River will face each other. It's not going to be a great game in terms of football, but in terms of passion, games don't come much bigger than this. You're more than welcome to watch. You'll find a stream here (in Spanish) when the time...
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    And the giant had feet of clay... An Inter story with (more than) a twist.

    Thohir takeover collapses! Milano - For as-of-yet unknown reasons, Indonesian businessman Erick Thohir has pulled the plug on his proposed takeover of FC Internazionale Milano. The deal, which was believed by most to have been already completed, would have seen the Asian entrepreneur acquire...
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    From amateurs to champions - BAP

    Here's where I'll be posting updates on the players and stuff like that. Roster: Alejandro Perna - SW - Chimney Corner Scott Trowers - ST - Ayr United Dave Silva - AM(C) - Stockport County Conordinho - AM(R) - East Stirlingshire Keiran Booker - AM(L) - AFC Telford United Ross Whitehead -...
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    New BAP game - from amateurs to champions.

    I had never played one of those until recently and it's been quite fun. Considering I'm not going to play the game till I get the latest patch, I figured I could start a BAP holiday game and post updates a few times a day. I have some rules, though: a) There will be only one player per...
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    A cold, wet, windy Wednesday night...

    I'm not a great writer, English is not my native tongue and I'm not too great at FM, either, so my tactics can and will fail, thus if all goes balls up I might just end up quitting mid story. That said, I'd like to jog my mind a bit and work on my English so I decided to write something vaguely...
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    Is 4-4-2 dead?

    Hi everyone. I haven't played FM for a long time (and wasn't planning to) but I got my hands on FM 14 and decided to waste some of my free time on it. While I have managed to create some decent tactics using 4-2-3-1 variants, I've been completely unable to make a traditional 4-4-2 with a big...
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    CA/PA request

    Now I don't have much hopes of getting an answer here, but I won't lose much if I ask, so here it goes... I've not bought the game and I don't plan to, in all honesty, but out of curiosity I'd like to know how some players have been rated in the game, and I don't want to pirate it just to check...
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    Basic question about editing

    I've been thinking about making a few (well, actually a lot) of changes to the game DB after the season, to reflect how [in my opinion] they actually play. Now, my question if the following - When I change someone's attributes, how do I know how much to increase their CA? Or do you just randomly...
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    Ever Banega faces six months out after accident - ESPN Soccernet Luls.
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    A look into the future, June 2019.

    Well, this is pretty much the same thing I did last year (Although last year it was Will1981's initiative). I got horribly bored of playing so I holidayed a save for 8 seasons without masked attributes, database size is Large, leagues loaded are Argentina (Primera División and Primera B...
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    Patch 12.1 is out.

    Announced in the SI forums, list of changes here.
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    For the glory of Hellas

    Prologue. Midway through the 2010-11 season, after a string of bad results in the League, Héctor Cúper resigned from his position as Aris manager. Even though the team didn’t perform to expectations in the league, his tenure was not completely unsuccessful, as he managed to qualify from...
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    Steam hacked - be aware.

    From the steam forums. Sucks. I've only joined Steam for FM, and I didn't use my own CC because it doesn't work w/ international currency, and now this. I'm going to get my **** chopped off if something happens.
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    Clubs with sugar daddies.

    Ordered by reputation. Foreground sugar daddy: Background sugar daddy: Underwriter sugar daddy:
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    How to load players from non-playable leagues (Demo)

    I'm posting this in case you haven't found out how to do it yourselves and you're curious as to how a player looks in FM12, and the team he plays for is in a non-playable league. Let's say you want to look at Sporting CPs players - in a save started in England, their team looks like this...
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    Free Transfers.

    For those of us who appreciate a good bargain, for those of us who prefer loans and frees to splashing around, for those of us who'd rather spend our precious little cash on youngsters we can develop rather than on the expensive finished product... Basically, for those of us who are Everton...
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    Flat 4-4-2 TM + Poacher.

    Well, after my supposedly 'final' save got boring, I decided to start another one and try a different tactical approach. I've mostly used formations with 3 midfielders (4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, deep 4-2-3-1) during my time playing FM, and when I did use a 4-4-2 I always had a creative, deep lying forward...
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    Managing in South America.

    This may not get read much, it's a very, very long text, and I'm not sure it will interest many people, but you can't blame me for trying. With FM 12 round the corner, many of us, myself included, are probably starting a 'last save' in a bid to make the wait less tedious. In case any of you...
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    Riquelme returns to the 'Selección'

    After years without a call-up, Riquelme will make an unexpected return to international duty after being named in Alejandro Sabella's squad to face Brazil in September. Other 'veterans' called up to play include Verón, Sebastián Dominguez, Clemente Rodriguez and Emiliano Papa, and a few old...
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    Brazilian boy dies after masturbating 42 times non-stop.

    Garoto morre aps se masturbar 42 vezes seguidas. Rough translation: Tragedy struck the inhabitants of Rubiataba, in the interior of Goiás. A 16 year old teenager died after masturbating 42 times non-stop. According to testimony (Doesn't say from who, presumably the mother) he started around...