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    Liverpool Domination 4-1-2-3

    Here is My Liverpool tactic. even trying it in league 2 this is not a plug and play. needs to be 100% with corners make sure your wing backs r taking them
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    My Spurs Tactic ** Testers Needed/Helpers**

    Here is my spurs tactic works really well for my team but i think their can be more from it, last few games had problems scoring. wonder if people can try it and change a few things and see if u can sort the shooting out.
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    Help getting better youth players

    I only seem to be gettin 1 star players never had a really good youth and I am in season 2021. Any tips
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    How would u train this player

    How would u train this player. Could be my messi.
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    England tactics

    How do u get the tactic upto 100%
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    Best way to find youth players

    What is the best way? I am finding it hard to get the good ones
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    My Spurs Winning Tactic ** Testers Needed*

    Here is my tactic i won the league with last year. it still need some work in some places if anyone could help me out.
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    everton re sign rooney for 1.6m!!

    I am in 3rd season and seen that he was out on contact at the end of the season so I asked how much man u wanted and they come back with 1.6m so could not turn it down. going to turn him into a cm playmaker. will post pictures up later. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 2
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    How Would You Train This Player...??

    how would u train him?
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    Work Permit help please.. Losing 3 top players

    3 Of My Top Players are out of contact at the end of the season i offer them new deals which is all ok. but the work permit i cant get, and i cant see anyway of gettin them to stay any ideas?? here the players
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    Help With A Problem I Have in my game

    he has been my main goalscorer for last 2 season, but his contract is out in the summer and cant get a new one for him, so do i sell now or keep tryin and hope he will get a permit. i have this youth player in my squad who could do the job with a good run in the team what should i do?? i am...
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    My First ever tactic upload. worked well with spurs **Testers Wanted**

    After many years using other peoples i have come up with a tactic which has worked well for my first season, so here a little info, it worked well with spurs 3rd in the league. fa cup winner and euro winner, sorry not much of a write up as this is my first wonder if people could try it and...
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    Whats Going On Here!! Scoring goals but i still lose!

    i go 2-0 up. as u can see at the bottom but then it dont count it on my main score any ideas what happen