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    Fifa 11 Compilation Competition/Help

    Hey guys :) Let the video explain all and please do post your response as a video response on YouTube not on here :) Yeah I know YouTube kinda made the bass high XD YouTube - Fifa 11 Compilation Competition/Help (HD) ---------- Post added at 04:30 PM ---------- Previous post was at...
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    S.O.T.W Week 2 Voting

    So, it is now time for the voting stage of the second week of this competition. This weeks signature had to be made around the player Gareth Bale. We had a good responce and the entries were all of high standard. To read more about the rules click here. Members may not vote for themselves...
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    S.O.T.W Week 1 Voting

    So, here it is, voting time for the first week of the Signature of the Week competition. This weeks signature had to be made around the player Cristiano Ronaldo. We had quite a good response and the entries were all of very high standard. To read more about the rules click here. Members may not...
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    Sotw fm 2011

    Hi guys :) I have decided myself to start running a signature of the week competition for Football Manager 2011. Now this maybe run slightly different to the way that previous competitions like this one but I'm sure all you graphic experts will catch on ;) Each week I will update this opening...
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    Thomas Muller Contract

    Recently in many saves I have wanted to sign Thomas Muller for my team (Arsenal, Real Madrid etc.) The offer of around £40M is accepted but when it comes to contract negociatian I offer him the role of Key Player and the highest amount of money but he still rejects the contract and the game does...
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    In Game Music?

    Hi guys :) I was just wondering if it possible to set it up so that you can have music playing in game like when your navigating the menu's and stuff :) Cheers in advance Ross out. ;)
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    Editing Request

    I saw that Trivaldo99 and all his lot have decided to close their editing request thread untill FM11. :( This means that I need someone to make a database for me :) It is a request that will probably be extremely easy to do and to you it may sound like I am just being lazy, but, to be honest. I...
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    Request for Player Cut Out - Please Help!

    Hey all :) Could someone please cut out the following pictures below for me, thanks a lot. Whoever does it will be of great help :) Please help :)
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    Ross-Galloway's Sig Request Thread - All Welcome!

    Hey all :) Since I have noticed that many sig makers have decided to stop making any sigs for a while, I thought that maybe I should offer my services :) I will do football and non-football sigs, although I do have some rules: 1. You MUST NOT request the same request on another thread or...
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    Arranging a Friendly Match

    Hi guys, I'm currently managing England and I was wondering, is it possible to arrange a friendly match. So, say I wanted England to play Spain on a certain date, could I invite Spain to play a match??? Cheers in advance
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    Play As An Existing Manager?

    Hi all :) Just wondering if it is possible to play as a real life manager on FM10. For instance, I want to play as Martin O'Neill as the England manager, is it possible?? Cheers :)
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    The Future of England: A Ross-Galloway Story

    Fabio Capello Sacked as England Manager Fabio Capello was today sacked by the FA as England manager after arguments over England team selections. The FA today released this statement "Fabio Capello will no longer take the role of England manager, the new manager will be announced shortly and...
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    Top Editors Needed

    Hi guys, you have either clicked this thread because you either a top editor or are curious why I need a/some top editors. Well, the reason I need some top editors is because I would like a database made. The idea/theme of the database is TV. This basically means either a program/channel will...
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    Ross-Galloway and Matty2505's Kit Request Thread

    Hey everyone :) After finally getting Photoshop I decided that I would give making kits a try :) However, there are some rules: 1. Do not pestor me with messages such as 'wheres my kit', 'quickly plz'. If your kit has not been posted within a few days you can PM me politely asking. 2. You...
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    Assistant Manager for England

    Hi guys, I'm looking for an assistant manager for my England team that is willing to accept the job offer, hopefully good and is Engish. Cheers guys and by the way I have just started the game so I am in season 09/10 :) Cheers in advance
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    Skin Help

    Hi guys, I've been trying to find a cool skin that will look good on my FM game but I don't really know which one is going to look best :/ I was wondering if you could post some suggestions to which skin would look good. Cheers :)
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    Tottenham Skin

    Hi guys I would really like to use a Tottenham skin on my FM game but I am having trouble finding one :( If someone could make one or give me a link to one then please do :) Cheers in advance
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    Shall I Be Man Utd or Chelsea?

    I have decided that aswell as doing my story I would like to play a game but not make a story out of it. However, I am stuck between Man Utd or Chelsea, they both have their pro's and con's but I am unsure of who to play as. Any suggestions??
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    Custom Football Manager Boxart

    Hi, guys just came up with this idea and I am unsure if anyway has already thought of something similar but I personally think the current FM covers are a bit boring, just a bloke with some fake players. LOL! So, on here anyone who wants to create their own FM boxart (cover) just post it here...
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    The Return of Z.Z

    The Return of Z.Z I was sitting on my sofa in my lovely new expensive house in France, kicking back enjoying my retirement. I’ve been retired for four years now and I love it, however I wish I could somehow get back into the football business. I’m obviously too old to continue playing, the...