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    Football Manger Classic is coming to tablet

    See video here: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152793523097616 Anyone plan on getting it? You can run it on any tablet shown here: http://www.footballmanager.com/content/what-devices-are-compatible-fmc15
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    FM15 - Patch 15.2.0/15.2.1 Released

    New hotfix as of the 17th December: GRAPHICS All custom .fmf files can now be distributed via Steam Workshop Fixed 3D kits not displaying in the match viewer USER INTERFACE Fixed various light skin issues in the match screen Fixed player duty not being listed on Make Quick Sub dialog Fixed...
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    FM15 - Hotfix update 15.1.4 released

    A new hotfix update for FM15 is now available to download on Steam. To download the update, simply save your current game, quit FM, then quit and restart Steam. Then launch the game as normal and this should start your update automatically. The update includes fixes for the following issues...
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    Martin Ødegaard added to DB! (Download link here)

    Steam Workshop :: Martin Ødegaard Player Profile Subscribe to that and then when you start a new game make sure it's active. :) Only affects new games after downloading. (reason he's in now and not at the release of the game: https://twitter.com/milesSI/status/532236286317588481 )
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    Hotfix - 15.1.3 patch released

    Hotfix update 15.1.3 released | Football Manager A small hotflix update for FM15 is now available to download on Steam. To download the update, simply save your current game, quit FM, then quit and restart Steam. Then launch the game as normal and this should start your update automatically...
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    Tactic changes - Beta to Full FM15

    Seen a few people complaining about importing tactics from the beta into the full game. The file extensions have changed due to the activation of the Steam Workshop. The .tac files will now no longer show up when imported and what you need to download are the .fmf files. When you want to share...
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    FM15 Demo - Now Live

    For all you guys who don't have the pre order beta, the demo has now gone live. :) Football Manager 2015 on Steam
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    Do you want to be in FM15?

    Win! A chance to appear in Football Manager 2015 | FourFourTwo There is a competition to join the SI staff in the game as a newgen. Follow that link to enter. Feel free to discuss it here (answers/questions etc). I'll answer anything I can about the newgen process and what happens if you...
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    Request a player screenshot - FM15

    Please use this thread to request a screenshot of a player you would like to see at the start in the future to see how he has developed... Example: Raheem Sterling in 2016 please Remember the beta has just arrived so you won't get many players that far in, so for now aim for players at the...
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    FM15 Post your Frustrations/Raaaage

    Use this thread if y'all need to vent about whatever. Bugs (report them yo) or just general FM fuckery! Always a good laugh to read these after you've calmed down too! (Try not to swear too much or abuse anyone..) *Any general rage/rant threads will be merged in here so we don't clutter up...
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    Show off your regen/newgen - FM15

    A new game, a new thread. Use this thread to post your newgens (please don't try and fool us with edited newgens please! They are normally easy to spot and will just cause some aggrrooooo!). If you don't know what a newgen is, then here is a short explanation: Please, only post newgens in...
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    Football Manager Classic - New Features

    As FMC is the best game mode, we all know it, it gets its own thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9w1LENuG0Pw&feature=youtu.be New features! Discuss.
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    FIFA 15 - Draft League - PS4

    Current players: 1. Dunc - Duncahimovic 2. Godcubed - NickTM5 3. Jonesy - Joness1871 4. Ronan - Prawnaldinho 5. CTPauleh - CThirtle 6. Jacob - jdm0388 7. Andy - O_BaIMA 8. Pricey - MisterJPrice How the game will be played: So you can find the teams here...
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    FM - The Documentary

    Sports Interactive, the developers of Football Manager - An Alternative Reality: The FM Documentary - coming soon All of us who work on Football Manager are proud to announce the forthcoming release of An Alternative Reality: The Football Manager Documentary on Tuesday 7th October – for one...
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    Football Manager 15 announced

    Football Manager 15 has been announced. It will be released in November. No new features yet announced, these will be announced in October. Box Art: Features will likely be released in the future on twitter, from any of: Miles, SI or Football Manager. Along with this, inSIder has been...
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    Dunc's 4-5-1 - 14.3

    Yo. So I made this tactic and it seems to be doing well in any save I play atm, so figured I would share it with anyone that feels like they would be interested in using it. It's a fairly basic 4-1-2-2-1 with the premise that the CF drops into the hole, one of the CM's runs on past him, with...
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    Official Gibraltar League - FM14

    Steam Workshop :: Official Gibraltar League So SI have just released the Official league of Gibraltar for you to play! :) Anyone ever fancied managing a Gibraltarian team? Now you can!
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    Football Manager 2014 - 14.3 patch

    The Football Manager 2014 patch with winter transfers and other bug fixes has just gone live. Please post feedback and thoughts in here. :) Changelist:
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    Voasy's English Lower League Database RELEASED! v1.1

    Where are these photos that prove it's 'stolen', if it is we will take it down.
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    Voasy's English Lower League Database RELEASED! v1.1

    Haha ******' ****. It's the FM Mafia! :D