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    Graphics problem - Packs not showing on reinstall

    The thread I never thought I'd post... I'll try to keep it as short as possible but will need to give a bit of info. When I first downloaded FM15 I partitioned my SSD to have a dedicated partition for FM, installed it there and added all my graphics mods and all was good in the world. The...
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    Strange Transfers

    I'm into February 2014 with my annual Wolves save and so far we're exceeding expectations by miles following some colossal performances and results. We badly needed to strengthen following promotion though and we managed to add the likes of Fierro (£7.25m), Destro (free), Jose Angel (£1.8m) and...
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    Pitch Turning Blue - Any Ideas?

    Lately some of my games have been ****** up by the pitch and surrounding areas of the stadium turning blue. It got to the point I was having to save before every match and then quit and reload if the problem cropped up. That was getting pretty annoying but liveable as I could actually carry on...
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    Boozad's Colour-Coded Live Action Facepacks.

    Exclusive to FM-Base, I've started working on facepacks for the Premier League. With two done so far, they feature live action shots of players against a colour-coded background relevant to each club. I'll carry on working on these as time allows, and of course any feedback is welcome. I'll...
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    Leigh Griffiths - A thread I thought I'd never start.

    Name: Leigh Griffiths Club: Wolves D.O.B: 20/08/1990 Nationality: Scottish Position: Striker Strengths: Finishing, Pace, Flair, Determination Weaknesses: Positioning, Anticipation, Strength, Jumping, Decisions Description: Striker Personality: Fairly Determined Suggested Roles...
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    Player Info Missing - Attributes Page.

    I've had a quick look around for this topic to save duplicating it but couldn't find anything. I've noticed that player details (the info below where their photo would be) are missing from their attributes page, nationality, wage, footedness etc. It's an intermittent problem, sometimes they're...
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    FM09 At Last

    I actually picked up a copy of FM09 a couple of weeks ago, well borrowed my cousin's to be honest, and so far I've loved it. I didn't really play 08 much, first off I was addicted to the FML beat testing, and then later with work and the kids just didn't have the time. Then turning into a comic...
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    How Very Swish

    Sean, you've done an amazing job on the site. I thought I'd come to the wrong place! Mind you, with al the rules in place now I may not last long... ;)
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    3 v 1

    Well my wife finally gave birth today (again) and we had another girl. So I'm proper outnumbered! Still it's great having another baby, I'm a sucker for punishment. We called her Sydney and she's the spitting image of her older sister.
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    Batman Comics Obsession

    I haven't been round here for a while as after seeing The Dark Knight I felt I just had to replace my Batman comic collection that my ex mrs chucked out. So I've been glued to Ebay and comic sites for the past 6 weeks looking for bargains. And I found a load. And bought them. This is the list...
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    Ronaldo Finally Joins Real

    Bit pricey though...
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    Council - Miserable Bastards!

    I've just taken Wolves to tht Prem title after 5 years (I think), and asked the board to expand the stadium to capitalise on CL revenue. But the council refused planning permission the stingy twats! I've never seen this before, anyone else ever had it??
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    Strange Request

    Years ago I used to collect Batman comics (Batman, Detective Comics, Shadow Of The Bat etc) but my ex missus threw them all out years ago when we split. Now I'm really missing them and want them all again, just wondered if anyone knew of anyone with a collection they wanted to sell, or any good...
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    Im NOT Dead - Just Really Busy

    Hey people sorry I aint been round for a while but Ive recently started a new job. Its at one of the world leaders in aerospace engineering (Goodrich) and I have a pretty important job! Basically making actuation systems which make planes move where they're supposed to, keep the doors shut when...
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    I Dont Know What Im Doing

    Where do you drop skin files and graphics files?? I dont seem to have too much in my FM08 folder! I must be getting old and losing my marbles as Ive never had this trouble before!
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    Virgin To Up Large Broadband Package

    Had an email throught this morning form Virgin telling me that they're upping my large broadband package from 4mg to 10 mg. Bonus!
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    360 At Last!!

    Finally I'll be getting an Xbox 360 in a couple of weeks. Then I'll kick all your young ***** on Xbox Live :D
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    Kits & FM-Base Patch

    Im starting to feel a little creative again so was contemplating doing some kits again. If anybody wants anything in particular post it in here and I'll have a crack soon as I get the chance. If anybody knows to any CS2 templates specifically for FM08 that would be helpful! And Kris, have you...
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    Load Of Bollocks

    How come everyone who leaves EastEnders ends up in The Bill, and everyone who leaves The Bill ends up in EastEnders? Not that I watch them mind...
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    Check This For A Bad Loser

    I just beat this guy to go into the NFA Cup quarter finals, guaranteeing me at least £90k. Hes ranked 36th , Im ranked 98th and it was a cracker of a cup tie. Just check his messages and see how graceful he was in defeat... :D