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    Classic AC Milan

    Hi All Planning my next save after my German domination with Kaiserslautern Looking for some inspiration and ideas to help develop an ac Milan tactic Any help out there? Initial thoughts are 4-3-2-1 GK WB ATT CD (D) CD (D) WB ATT CM (D) DLP (D) CM (D) SS ATT AP (S) P ATT
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    Cruyff Diamond 3-4-3

    Hi All, I worked all night last night replicating the cruyff diamond, I am just 50/50 with one team instruction RETAIN POSSESSION I have gone with a 3-5-1-1, when in play resembles the following...
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    Sarri - esque - role of striker

    I am trying to recreate a sarri based tactic in FM19. What role would suit the striker the best? I was thinking pressing forward, F9 or Deep-lying?
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    Tiki - Taka (Guardiola/Bielsa)

    Hi All, A massive fan of the way these two play football. I have tried many times ro replicate the way they play etc Anyone reccomend a tactic out there which comes close?
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    3-5-2 / 3-2-1-2

    Looking for a 3 Cb with 2 WB tactic similar to Juve/Wales?
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    Looking for a 4-2-3-1 klopp tactic?

    Anyone got a klopp-esque 4-2-3-1?
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    fm15 tactics in fm16

    Hi all, I was using a fm15 tactic in the beta, but now when i try and load it again it won't import Any ideas? Thanks
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    Hi Trying to find a 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 where I can utilise schneiderlin and schweinsteiger for United. Also with inside forwards etc. Any ideas.
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    end of season slump

    Hi All the teams I manage seem to have an end of season slump? Anything I can do to stop this? My training is generally on fitness as I play high intensity attacking football
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    attacking corners

    Anyone had an luck with any specific set ups?
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    defending corners

    Hi Best defending corner set up?
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    3412/352 van gaal anyone?

    I can't find a van gaal 352/3412 anywhere?
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    salzburg / leverkusen tactic

    Hi Does anyone have a tactic based on Roger Schmidt leverkusen/Salzburg? Thanks
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    352/3412 van gaal tactic

    Anyone got a link to a good van gaalesque tactic.
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    General Training

    Hi Been looking for threads regarding general training? Anyone have any tips on general training or does anyone leave it to their assistant?
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    league 2 or conference bargains?

    Anyone found any decent bargains for there saves?
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    lower leagur tactic

    Looking for a conference tactic like a 4-4-2 that works well?
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    Opposition Instructions not appearing.

    Hi All, In the tactic section i have set my overall opposition instructions for my tactic, However when I get to match they are not selected? Any Idea
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    Lower League Conference 4-4-2

    Looking for a basic tactic for conference and lower sides please.
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    Salford City Logo

    Anyone got the new salford city logo?