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    save game help

    can any 1 help after the new update 1 of my save games i try to look for player and none show up even the 1 that are in my shortlist it does not happen on any other of my save games so any help would be nice thanks
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    any 1 know when the demo is out
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    hi all i know there is a team from andorra that playes in spain but can you play them on fm13 and if so what are thay called or do you have to download a league where you can play them thanks
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    fc utd help

    hi all im looking for some help i have just started a save with fc utd who are in the northen premier league and im looking to make them the best team in the world i know it will take a very long time but thats the fun so whats your point i hear you ask well it looks like i have no clue what im...
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    have milan just sold him saw somwthing on skysports news
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    to buy or not to buy

    hi just asking im still playing fm12 and loving it mainly due to my long tearm save with sanmarino but thinking of now geting fm13 but heard a lot about the me and how not fun it is so i ask as this been fixed and is it worth geting?
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    assistant manager

    hi all i know this may be a noob thing to ask but what stats do you look for in a good assistant manager never gone that deep into a game to bother with thing like that but im doing a long term save so any help would be good thanks
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    database help

    i need to change some stuff on the database and i dont have fmrte as u have to pay to use it so does any 1 know where the edita is many thanks
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    fc utd help

    so im playing as fc utd im now in the blue square bet prem i dont have my own stadium im renting burys and the board have not said if thay are going to build one so do i upgrade the 1 im at or wait andd see if the board build me a new one
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    lazio help

    looking for a soild tac that will work with lazio thought i was good at this game turns out im not lol so any help would be good and no 433 tac that play with 3st been there done that
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    hi is there a download that lets me play lowerthan blue bet north in england thanks
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    save game help

    hi thanks for looking and if you reply you is a god right i have a save game with fc utd of manchster im in the year 2014 and it gets to the 12of september in my save and the game stops working and shuts down i dont know why if any1 can that would be sweet cos im loving this save at the mo and...
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    french hero

    trying to do the french hero thing thats on steam and was going to pick a team in france from the cfa but i cant pick it can any 1 help thanks
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    has the juv manager conte been band if so why dont keep a eye on italy like i used to if its true bit of a blow for juv
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    does any 1 think thay can make a 3-7-0 like that guy made for his west ham story but make it so u score with all the poss u get and b4 u say why dont u make 1 i would love to but im not that good cant make a good 442 so if any 1 would ike to give it a go i would love to test it
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    433 exploit

    right whos 433 is better the grid hazza or raikan just would like to know whos is better going to start a new man u save
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    im play as man u got evra but he geting on would like to know if fabio is a good lb to take over from evra if not can some 1 tell me a good lb to get for less than 10mil thanks
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    young players for free

    playing as man u and this lot is coming in for my second year leo bonatini-875k lenny nangis-2.5m coutinho-free babacar-free d alessandro-free sanogo-free emiliano sala-free vicento charlton-free diego polenta-free bertolacci-free fierro-1.2m would like to know are these good enough for man u...
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    barnsley help

    thinking of starting a barnsley save but need help need a tac that will keep me up and get me into the epl at some point dont mind if it takes a while to get there i know what you are thinking why not make your own i would but im clueless when it comes to making tac so any help would be gr8 and...
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    man city tac

    any 1 know a good tac for man city on this site many thanks