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    How unloyal are you?

    Not sure if there is a thread of this topic, if so close it please. So, I cannot stay at a club for more then 2 years, when I have done good I usually seek something else, a new challenge. I have now left Chelsea after two years, winning every throphy I could win. 3 years with Bayern, started...
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    David Beckham Signature

    I don't know if this is the right place to put this, but I couldn't find any other section that belongs to Graphics. I made a David Beckham Signature, but I would like you to tell me if it's good. Don't go hard on me I just started using Paint.Net.
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    FC Emmen tactics?

    Well, I joined this club yesterday. And I don't have the right tactic for them. FC Emmen is in the Jupiler League (Second Division from Holland) I also want them to be promoted. Currently I took over and they were first, but played a game and well I can say we were terrible. I suck at making...
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    Roda JC

    Okay i decided to go to my favorite club Roda JC where i live close to them Idk what tactic i should use for such team as Roda JC Anyone could help me please here :)
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    Portugal tactic?

    I got the job of Portugal i just lost 2-0 against greece which is a terrible result against such a team.. anyone know what a good national tactic for portugal is? i would be very pleased if i got a good tactic for the team :D
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    Hulk a good player?

    I need a good foward/striker for Arsenal is Hulk a great player that can find the net for my team?
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    Hi ='D

    Hi i am new here well not really new i been here for 2 weeks i think =D!! I love Football Manager 2009 ^^ won with arsenal and i am a fan of pretty lots of teams like man yoo ,arsenal,roda jc (dutch team near where i life ;) ) and more :D! well that's really it
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    Malmö FF tactics ?

    Currently i am with Malmö FF a swedish cup :) I need a good tactic that will work for my team I rather play something like 4-4-2 cause well yeah that fits my team :D anyone know a great tactic for Malmö FF? so i can win a throphy since there last throphy in 2004. =D