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    Saving New Zealand football club and country

    In this save I will play as both New Zealand senior team and the Wellington Phoenix. More to come!!!
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    A new idea

    Journey man, mercenary and director of football. So this save has it all for me, first off I will not play any games I will holiday them all not playing any part of match day. All I do is the transfers of players and staff. I am starting without any qualifications and playing experience and...
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    Newcastle end of first season

    I'm after a young (18-21) cm a/ap and a dm half back around 20 mil each any suggestions?
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    The director of football challenge

    So I not 100% how this will work yet but basically I will take over a team and only run the transfers I will sign my assistant manager which will run as the manager and I will go on "holiday " for the games. More updates to follow.
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    Just starting a new save and never played with Southampton where do I need to strengthen and who should I sign?
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    FM 16 ESPN FC

    Welcome to ESPN FC FM 2016 UK. This story will be as a reporter. I will be reporting monthly about major game, transfers, transfer rumours, managers hired/fired and anything else of interest including national team selections. I will do interviews with past players, managers and anything else I...
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    Everton end of first season

    Hi guys looking to sign a box to box midfielder an anchor man and a back up striker age under 25 for all and under 20 mil for each please help
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    You have 9 months to get a job or I’m leaving you!

    “It’s time to give up on your dream of becoming a manager and get a real job, you’re going to become a father and you need to be able to support us both”. This wasn’t the sit down talk I expected when my partner told me she had some news so to say I’m shocked is an understatement. “Just give me...
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    So in this series I wish to grow the Phoenix into a top 2 team in the A League. First of I will aim to steady the team into a top 6 team and then aim to grow from there. I will aim to sign a marquee player on the second season. Other than that I will make up the plans as I go, the 34500...
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    The growth of New Zealand football to 2018 and beyond.

    The growth of New Zealand football to 2018 and beyond. Being from New Zealand I had to weigh up a story of being either the All Whites or the Wellington Phoenix. I have chosen the All Whites. Now just some things about New Zealand football, first the world ranking is 101st which needs to be...
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    FM ESPN FC English Addition

    FM ESPN FC English Addition So this story will be based on my favourite TV show ESPN FC. I will not take over a team in FM15 instead I will analyse on a weekly basis transfer rumours and major transfers while creating interviews from players and managers over the course of this story. Also we...
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    New Zealand to Qualify though Asain confed help

    Back in 1982 I think the top 2 Oceania confederation teams went into the final Asian Confederation qualifying comp. Is there anyway to re-create that?
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    Liverpool: From struggles to the best in the world. This is my story

    First of, I know there are so many great Liverpool stories, but this story is from a non LFC supporter. What I plan to do - 10 year plan is to have the net worth of the club over $2 billion. - 5 year plan is the treble - 3 year plan only sign...
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    Rebuilding Manchester City

    So in this save I want to create a team to call my own. First trouble I found was that other than the amount of over paid and over rated muppets was that the board gave me zero transfer kitty (curse you ffp). The boards expectation was top four in the league, semi final in the champions league...
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    need a team to start a new save

    looking at a team I haven't use before thinking premier league middle to bottom of the league any tips on who I should pick
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    new save with afc telford

    hi guys, im a Manchester city fan so this Is new for me whats the best way to in the transfer market. young players to improve in the future or older players who have been there and done that?