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  1. J

    Answered moving fm 2020 to new laptop

    hi all. sorry if this has already been answered. i have fm 2020 via steam on an old laptop and i am upgrading to a new one. can i move my game save to the new laptop so i dont have to start the game again and if so how? kind regards
  2. J

    do you play fm 2009 on a laptop?

    hello all. im looking for a laptop to play fm2009 on while im away on business. dont want something to expensive but it will need to play the game to a reasonable standard. thanks all. jpms
  3. J

    looking after your star striker.

    hello all. I just wanted to share with you what i have learnt about looking after your star striker and how to stop him wanting to go to other clubs. I have been playing a season a day since i have been off work and what i have learnt is how players behave and change as they get older. this is...
  4. J

    new here and enjoying the game.

    hello all. i have been playing fm2009 for a few months now and started looking around the net and found this place is im short of a few ideas.I hope i havn't posted in the wrong forum but here goes. I started at the bottom with a small club (cowdenbeath) as i thought this would be very...