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    Mediocre Players to buy

    Hi Guys I am looking into trying to sign some players for my stoke career and I'm struggling to acquire anyone god as they all want high wages and not got the biggest wage budget so the positions I am looking for are. 2 CB - Ball Playing Defender, Defensive Duty would like pace and strength...
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    Stoke Tactic pLEASE

    As the topic says I'm looking for a good tactic to use with stoke city on fm 18 I have latest patch
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    Stoke City Tactic

    Does anyone have any ideas of a good tactic to use with Stoke city with this years fm I don't think a wing back tactic would work as they don't have any decent wing backs or any pace there any ideas please link the tactic in here Cheers
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    Carillero Players

    So as the topic says am looking for a decent Cm who is natural at carillero role can’t seem to find many but want youngish player between like 17-25
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    new fm18 tactics

    does anyone have any tactics that are .fmf files yet as they all seem to be .tac and do not work on full game unless someone knows how to make .tac work on full game ?
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    GK Training

    Hi guys I have a gk who his weakest point is reflexes how do I train in that area as it doesn’t come up as an option just gives me first touch free kicks handling kicking passing penalties and throwing
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    Mates tactics

    So am playing against my mate on fm we’re about 6 seasons in and the last 3 he has downloaded tactics and all I can see is it is called 4-2-4 Wide and it’s annoying me now as he doesn’t lose games and scores like 5/6 goals a lot of the time and I’m using Knaps 3430 tactic that everyone else has...
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    English Right Back

    Has anyone found a decent English right wingback from re gens I'm in 2023 season now I have allready got trent Alexander and he is decent but need another English right back can't find any young talent in my under squads or any other English clubs any ideas of maybe how to scout one or know any
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    Statistic view

    So guys I wanted to know if there is a way to see your stats between every team and how well you fair against them as I know it shows you between the team your about to play before every game but outside of the match is there a stats page to see your results against each team without clicking on...
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    Hi guys, wondering how or if there is a way to change who takes your penalty in a game like first choice as hazard keeps missing them and want to change him not just shoot outs but main in game as well.
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    Work permit problems

    So am playing as Chelsea and in my second season I brought maximilano Romero and his work permit failed so I loaned him out and now am in me 5th season ( just started 5 games in ) and his work permit is still failing I been loaning him out every season so far and I really wanna play him but...
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    Promotion and relegation spots

    After having discussions at work today and nobody knowing the answer I thought I would come to you guys and ask, so basicLly we were discussing why is it in the premier league there is only three down and three up compared to the league 1 and league 2 there is 4 eg , Premier Division - 3...
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    lower league scout/staff

    is there any good scouts or staff i can tempt to join me in lincoln at all ?
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    hazard replacment

    i don't want to replace him but it seems he wants to move to madrid and keeps denying new contract so need sell and replace who would be good to replace him with got chelsea with quite a bit of money but don't wanna spend to much. tried mbpape martial and berardi so far and they all want to much...
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    So i updated the game the other day on now when i get to transfer period i can't seem to sell players and even when i get any interest the main problem is they only seem to make offers of like 495k for magic and my mate had teams coming in with just 3 mil for augero fabregas attracted bids of...
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    Adding nation help

    Hi guys just wondering how long it takes for the game to register a new nation for example Started the game picked say England France and Germany so if I search for a Swedish player it won't find them , then when I go into settings and add Sweden I still can't find him after 2 days of...
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    Back room Staff

    So I haven't really bothered with back room staff before but this year I want to try and build a very good back room from assistant managers to coaches and how many of each coach type should I have etc if anyone has any help or advice please fee free , using Chelsea save at the minute with my...
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    Lincoln Help!!

    So I decided to go with Lincoln for my challenge of taking them to the prem , i have looked at the players list for low leagues but my question is who has used who for lower leagues and had success with said player. I am using the 442 Date! Fm17 tactic for my squad. Positions i need help with...
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    Lower league

    Hey guys I wanted know what's best tactic for lower league teams I wanna try take a conference team to the prem ( ambitious I know ) but want advice on which is best tactics and players to look at.
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    Try to keep this as simple as possible, me and my mate play fm on the one laptop at same time at each other's houses but wondering if there is a way to play the game that way but over the internet so we don't have to be in same house so can stay in if we wanted but still play fm in our own homes...