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    Best 4-2-3-1 Tactics???

    What would people recommend is the best 4-2-3-1 tactic? I've downloaded countless versions from this site and others, and i've tried making my own over and over again but i've still struggled to find one that really works well - I'm starting to wonder if 4-2-3-1 even works on this years FM...
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    Lots of CCCs - Not a lot of goals - Please Help

    I am starting my first season with Everton, my formation and tactics seem to be working pretty well as I have a decent record over the first 5 or 6 games of the season. I am playing a high tempo 4-2-3-1 with attacking full backs, 2 DMs, inside forwards, central playmaker and complete forward...
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    Seriously need help with home grown players!!!!

    Made a bit of a mistake...off loaded nearly all of my reserve players as they were useless and i never used them. However need to register players for next stage of champs league and only have 3 home-grown club players available to pick. What happens now as i can't skip it as it has a must...
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    Paul Pogba - is he worth it?

    i'm in my 2nd season with everton and I have the opportunity to pick him up pretty cheap - I'm just wondering how he develops and his best position/role to see if I can fit him in
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    Mid season slump - need urgent help!

    I'm having the standard mid-season slump in my 2nd season with Everton. I'm guessing its to do with various reasons: injury crisis: 3 first team defenders with serious injuries fatigue: in europa league so lots playing two games every week maybe tactic getting old I can't afford to have this...
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    Player wages - don't understand

    I have put my finances slider all the way to the left, giving me 760k wage budget. I am currently spending 690k on player wages. However when I go to offer one of my players a new contract - it only lets me put it up by 8k. I don't understand how it works cos surely if I have spare wage budget I...
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    Cant hire physios

    I'm in my first season with everton, I dismissed two of my physios while I was clearing out my staff at the start of the season (they were pretty bad). This left me with my head physio, now i try to sign some more but I'm only getting £975/week for their wages so obviously I can't hire anyone...
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    Just signed M'vila 1st season for £11.25m

    Before anyone asks I have no cheats or custom/edited things going on. I'm Chelsea 1st season, was scouting M'vila anyway and when i noticed he was unhappy with the club I swooped, let the board do the negotiations, expecting him to cost about £25m - then to my surprise he cost £11.25m!!! what a...
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    Everton Takeover...stupid

    Just started my 3rd season with Everton, start reading rumours the club is being taken over (At Last!!!!). Apparently local Businessman David James is looking to buy the club. I'm thinking...unfortunate name, just a coincidence. But no. In Football Manager, in 2013, Everton have been bought by...
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    FA Cup Semi-Final on saturday, Premier League game sunday, What the ****?

    As the title suggests, some **** up in the FM12 scheduling has given me the FA Cup Semi-Final against Tottenham on the saturday, then Chelsea in the league the following day. All this after playing in Europe on Thursday. Cheers
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    Managing Fellaini

    I swear whatever team talk/individual talk I use, in every tone never gets any sort of reaction out of him. He is solid I wanna try and motivate him more. Has anyone got much experience with him in the game and know how to break him down?
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    New players for Everton 2nd Season

    Just finished my 1st season with Everton, pretty successful, 5th in league and won the carling cup. I have been given a budget of £15m. I can probably get more by fiddling with season expectation and selling a couple of players. Players i'm seriously considering: Papiss Cisse - Freiburg have...
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    Feeder club, board trust me to choose my own, How?

    I asked the board the find a feeder club to increase our profile in another country, they came back and said after being with the club for 2 years they trusted me to choose one myself. I thought they said they'd get back to me but I haven't heard anything for about 3 weeks. Do I need to do...
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    Lazar Markovic - Partizan Belgrade

    Name: Lazar Markovic Club: Partizan Belgrade D.O.B: 2/3/1994 Nationality: Serbian Position: Striker/Attacking Midfield (R) Strengths: Acceleration, Pace, Dribbling, Flair, Bravery Weaknesses: None really for his position Description: Winger Personality: Fairly Determined Suggested Roles...
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    Need help improving/refining my tactic - expert advice needed!!

    Hi guys, I'm currently in my 2nd season with Everton. The teams doing well, and I'm really chuffed that a tactic I made from scratch is working because I've always downloaded ready made ones. As i said, it is working well but it needs refinement and I simply don't know enough about the inner...
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    Expenditure - Why am I spending so much on Tax?

    I'm just over halfway through my 2nd season and looking at my expenditure I've already paid almost double what I paid last season in Tax. Does anyone know how this works? Just I'm haemorrhaging money, and trying to find out how I can sort out my finances.
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    Everton 2nd Season - Need backup players and a right back - £15m

    As i said, just finished my 1st season with Everton, I have been given a budget of £25m - but I don't want to spend all of it because I need the sort the club out financially. I desperately need a striker and a right back for my First 11. No target men or wing backs please. Preferably a good...
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    I'm with Everton 1st season. I'm wasting so many chances because Jack Rodwell takes a shot every single time he has a chance to. He always misses. On player instructions his distance shooting is set to rarely, and his creative freedom is on little. I know he has Shoots from Distance as one...
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    Player unhappy with training - why?

    I'm with Everton in my 1st season, and I keep getting messages from my youth coach saying Hallam Hope has been unhappy with training recently - but it doesn't say why - obviously I want to rectify this because he's one of my top prospects and I want him to develop as much as possible. I've tried...
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    Everton - 1st Season - Centre Back - £5-7m

    Title says it all. Basically Heitinga has been annoying me all season because he's always disagreeing with me in meetings and team talks, he's "apparently" my 2nd best centre back behind Jags - I just got an offer from Sevilla for £7.5m which I thought was pretty good, but I need to line up a...