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    Putting Manchester United Back Where they belong!

    Man Utd Just bought my copy of FM2019 and after nearly 3 hours on my crappy Laptop it has finally downloaded as i am ready to go to bed! Since i first posted on FMBase in 2011 i have always started each new FM as Man Utd before i get into a proper save, last FM i played as my local side...
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    Barcelona - La Masia - Homegrown Challenge

    Barcelona So i have tried this challenge a few times before, where i essential dont buy anyone and see how well i can do with Barcelona, This challenge is essential the opposite to most in that it gets the harder the longer you play, the first few seasons you still have a decent squad but...
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    Leading Truro City to the Premier League

    Truro City So i have really got into some of the stories on here that are lower league saves and thought i would give it a go, as a proud Cornish man i had to choose the only club in Cornwall that i could be Truro City Truro City have been on the rise over the last couple of decades at one...
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    Manchester United - The New Breed of Red Devils

    Manchester United July 1st 2017 And so it begins, I haven't had a story on here for a couple of years now and i never even got FM17, i have been playing FM16 on and off though but life unfortunately got in the way of FM! So my wife bought me Fm18 and im back in the game! Im easing myself in...
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    Hello, i have only just got the latest fm and was wondering how to get to my screenshots, i have worked out the fn and f12 button is taking a screenshot but its obviously not going to the fm screenshots folder i assumed it would go to, any help would be much appreciated
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    Limerick FC - 5th Times the Charm

    Limerick FC So i havent been on FM for a while and as i finally came back onto it typically in line with the new football season starting i decided to go back to Ireland with Limerick FC Some of you may well remember all 4 of my previous saves with Limerick which have seen me progress all the...
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    Ending 50 Years of Hurt - An England Career

    England July 2015 With Euro 2016 beginning the call to International management was too strong for me so i thought i would take charge of my country England, The overall aim is to Win a trophy either the Euro's or World Cup, i have no time limit so it could be in 2 years or 20 years im not...
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    Athletic Bilbao - Journey To The Top

    Athletic Bilbao So in previous years i loved KLIPPYBO's Bilbao stories and as he hasnt been around recently i thought i would take up the mantle and have a go. I have done something similar in recent years playing as Barcelona and not signing anyone for the club and trying to promote the...
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    Leeds Utd - Returning Leeds To The Promise Land

    Leeds Utd So i thought i would give Leeds Utd a go on FM, i wanted a bit of a challenge but also a team with some good youth players and a decent fan base. Tonkin Takes Charge Leeds Utd Overview Well at the moment Leeds are currently expected to finish in just 15th place, now a days...
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    A New Breed of Red Devils - Manchester Utd Story the 2nd

    Man Utd So i have literally been playing a similar save on FM 2015 and just got the New FM16 today and pretty much want to carry on where i left off with Man Utd. Im not going to do any transfers this summer as i get a feel of the squad but hope to promote my youth players from within and...
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    A New Breed of Red Devils - Manchester Utd Story

    Man Utd So im going to try something similar to my Barcelona La Masia save in which i did not at least in the first 10 or so seasons sign any players what so ever having to rely on the players already their and the youth coming through. I imagine this challenge will be all the harder in the...
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    Dinamo Zagreb Money Making Youth Challenge

    Dinamo Zagreb So just like Ronseal this save will do what it says on the tin, my overall aims for the save are to make big money for Dinamo Zagreb and compete in Europe, I want to bring in players with potential make them big then sell them on for a huge profit, im not going to have loads of...
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    FM Base League - Random Card Generator

    Coolmcool and Lewie100's FM Base League So basically JamieWilliams started something off like this but it seems to have died or slowed down and as i liked the concept and im not involved in the brilliant FM Base World Cup i thought i would set up something similar So it was that we would...
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    Barcelona - La Masia - Homegrown Challenge the 2nd

    Barcelona So i did a similar story towards the end of FM 2014 were i basically didnt sign a single player and tried to bring in players from the youth intake and b team, This is more of a fun save whilst i drink and watch the Champions League Final especially as the first couple of seasons...
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    Inverness Caley Thistle

    Inverness CT So i was thinking about who to be in my next save and was flicking through clubs and picked out Inverness Caledonian Thistle a club who i used to be back in Champ Manager 99-00 as when i was only 11 i liked the fact we had the same initials. Chris Tonkin Takes Over
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    Man City - Clearing Out The Old Folks Home - Youth Challenge

    So after spending 3 months on my Limerick save struggling with budgets and spending a few thousand here or there over 10 seasons i thought i would have a bit more of a fun save and have a go as Man City. The back story for this save is how poor Man City have been in recent weeks and how a lot...
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    Limerick FC the 4th - This is Not A Joke

    Limerick FC Guess whos back, back again, My Limerick story of course! I felt like i was losing interest in my Nottm Forest story and it hasnt really hit it off anyway so i thought i would go back to my roots of FM and have another go as Limerick a team i have had 3 previous stories with...
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    Nottm Forest - Growing To Greatness

    Nottm Forest So I have finally managed to get back onto football manager but have lost my previous save with Man Utd so thought I would have go with promotion hopefuls Nottm Forest
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    Screenshot Help

    Hey I have a new laptop with Windows 8 and I think it must be different than my previous laptop in how you take a screenshot plus I don't seem to be able to find a screenshot folder?
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    Steam/Fm Problem

    So cant get my Fm to work and i have a problem, it says to log off steam or exit steam but whenever i try it says football manager needs to shut down first but i cant get it to work in the first place.