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    Staff wages bug?

    I don't know if this is intented, but I am trying to sign staff and all of them are asking an obscene high wages starting from 3k p/w (150k p/y). Even unemployed staff with low stats are asking those wages. Because of this, my U19 staff are empty. :(
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    Job offers

    I was wondering if clubs will approach you when you are on vacation. At the moment, I am doing a journey man save, and between matches, I will just go on vacation till next match or transfer window. Till date, I have not received any offers from other clubs while I have overachieved with every...
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    Minimum Stadium Requirements

    What will happen if the club still do not have enough funds to build a new stadium? Will the club automatically be relegated ?
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    Manager Attributes

    I was about to start a save as a manager with Sunday league experience, but was wondering if attributes such as determination, motivation and lvl of discipline will rise during your career.
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    Problems getting quality players for San Marino

    I am in my 5th season with San Marino. Got promoted from the lower leagues to the Serie A with finishes 6th and 5th for past 2 seasons and won the European League last season. However, I have troubles signing quality players to compete in the Champions League and 60% of my squad consist of loan...
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    Changing Club Name with FM Editor

    Edit: issue solved by editing lnd
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    FM14 keeps jumping to staff member tab.

    This problem is making it impossible to play fm 14 :( While playing the game, it keeps jumping to the staff tab during the match and outside of it. Please help :(
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    Post your world class regens (no cheats plz)

    Snapped him away from Olympique Lyon for 8 million in his 2nd year. :D
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    Change Preferred Formation and Playing Mentality

    I've been manage a team for more than 5 years, and have been using 4-3-3 from the get go. But still my profile indicated that my preffered formation is 4-2-2 and my playing mentality is balanced while im using an attacking playing style. So my question is it possible that it will change in the...
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    Change pref. foot

    Hi all, Im playing barcelona, and have bought Vrsaljko and Romario. As both are excellent right wing players, i want to change one of them to the left wing. But both are Right Only footed. So my question is if its possible to change a players pref. foot? Kuro
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    Removing under 18 rules

    Is it possible to edit via editor to remove the under 18 transfer rule for players in South American?