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    Yoan Gourcuff - What role and where?

    I land gourcuff recently and till now i still cannot bring the best out from him. can anyone suggest where to put him the best and what role suit him more?
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    blend players in squad!

    greeting mates! I currently managing Man Utd and made a few changes in my squad. i sold obertan, berbatov, hargreaves and neville... and I brought in yoann gourcuff, miguel veloso, darijo srna, and federico fazio (maybe soon sergio aguero). the thing is my team isn't blend into each other...
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    Player personal issue with manager

    i managing man utd. but something is always bugging me. sometimes, a certain players will have a problem before a match. sometimes like this: "Wayne Rooney is hard to find a motivation to play for you as his manager." What to do if something like this happened?
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    Sergio Aguero: Activate the release clause or not??

    I am currently managing Man Utd and right now I am looking for a good playmaker forward, then i found that sergio aguero is suitable according to my tactics and style of play. However, to get sergio aguero, surely I have to use a lot of money to land him. As i read his contract, he has minimum...