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    Slight Injury question

    My normal policy is to sub the player the moment they get slightly injured. Past experience showed that many "slight injuries" actually resulted in long term injuries post-match even when they are subbed immediately. That said I hardly ever let a player play out the full match when they get...
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    4-2-3-1 Wide persistent problem with gap between defense and midfield

    4-2-3-1 Wide DLP/D - BBM/S WB/Au-CD/D-CD/D-FB/Au From googling a little bit this problem is triggered when your midfielder pair is AP/DLP-support and BWM-defense which is what I had on my old tactic. Supposedly it can be rectified by changing it into a DLP-D and BBM-S pair but I still am...
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    Determination and Learning New Position

    First of all, apologies that the question might be rather generic and often asked before. The "ask small question" sticky thread is either gone or never did exist in FM2015 subforums. 1. Any way to increase Determination other than tutoring them ? 2. Bought Draxler with 10 Det, a Natural in...
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    4th Season Star Studded Man Utd - Regularly got destroyed by other good Teams

    For the first three seasons at United I was using the same tactics I used back in FM14 and worked well there. The team did very well in the league but it is really due to the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and City being mismanaged by the computer. Instead I had to contend with Liverpool and...
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    How do you troubleshoot your tactics ?

    Been playing for a bit and I'm now on my 3rd season with Man Utd. My go to tactic is 4-2-3-1 Wide. Works well for the league but cup competition has been very tricky for me. It goes something like this (from left to right) CF A - Neymar IF A - Depay AP S - Mata / Januzaj IF A - James Rodriguez...
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    Star Rating on your own team - Improving accuracy

    Playing as Man United on my 3rd season. Flush with cash, I bought Neymar and James Rodriguez at the star of the season for around 80 million each. The weird thing is their star rating is very low compared to their attributes. Neymar has 3.5 while Rodriguez has 2.5 (!!) stars. After that I...
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    Where are those "How to create your own Tactics" stickies ?

    Could have swore we had one of those in the 2014 board. I play FM sporadically i.e. play for a month or two then neglect it for half a year. During the hiatus I'd forget all about FM tactics, even the basics. Since FM has just been on Steam sale I figure there will be many people who have just...
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    Die Borrusen Season 3 : team imploded, help needed ( ST / AML / DR / DL )

    Borussia Dortmund Season 3 : 2015/2016 Budget : 55 million Euro Wages: 1.42 out of 1.98 million / week In the preseason I bought some players for backup (Bernard, Nicholas Nica, Drier) as I had a rather small squad. Played the first 10 games of the Bundesliga and ended up 4th, trailing Bayern...
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    How do you sell your players ?

    Started as Man Utd. Tried selling Anderson, Young, Nani and Hernandez. Anderson was let go at around 70-80% his value. Needed the money to buy Gundogan. It is now the deadline for January transfer and I still have no takers for the other three even after offering them to clubs repeatedly and...
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    When will Wonderkids become consistent ?

    My club is full of wonderkids that I've been collecting in the past 6 seasons. Been collecting hot prospects for years so I now have a squad size of 50 (not counting U-18). As a result the older players like Kagawa, James Rodriguez or Phil Jones at their prime age (26-28 years old) have to sit...
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    Request - Stickied guide to tutoring

    Many FM newbie like myself dont know the true value of tutoring. I had never used it until one of my coach incessantly told me to. As many of the veterans would know, the result of a successful tutoring could be astounding. Personality changes to mimic the tutor, attribute like determination...
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    Any danger in playing youngster ?

    Oft times the problem in trying to develop a hot prospect is giving them enough playing time in the first team. Lately however my team often have developed enough goal / point leads for me to let the 16 or 17 years old wonderkids have some time under the spotlight. I vaguely remember...
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    Rebuild my Man Utd squad to win Champions League

    This is my second playthrough (really the first since I abandoned the former game after just a few months) and I have just finished my second season as Man Utd manager. Won EPL but lost in final to Bayern. Knocked out of FA and that other cup by Man City. As such the second season is not much...
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    How come you guys can sign world class talents for cheap (Neymar, Gotze, Bale) ?

    Hey guys, playing my second season as ManU so I'm still trying to get familiar with all the mechanic of the game so please be patient. I thought after winning the premiere league I would have more success in signing the best players since I've read again and again in the forum that people can...
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    Comprehensive Guide to Tactics in FM2013 ?

    Need some advice on my second ManU game. I'm not very familiar with the game (or soccer in general) and I am trying to follow some of the advices found in "An Angel's Approach to Managing the Devils" thread. I have so many questions so I think I will just put them all in this post instead of...