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    Saved Game won't load

    Hello all, just downloaded the 17.3.1 update and went to load up my last saved game. As the title says, the game won't load, has anyone else experienced this problem and is there a way to retrieve my saved game? Or is it gone forever, I don't really have much hope for it to be honest :(
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    GK for Liverpool

    I plan on selling Reina for +20million as I feel the money could strengthen the squad as a whole. So I am looking for a quality young goalkeeper that can slot in straight away. Budget will be about 15million
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    Ante Buljan

    He seems pretty good,and he's only 14 at the start of the game.Does anyone know if he gets good later in the game,cause my scouts say he could be a leading Premier League winger. Thanks in advance
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    Jack Wilshere

    Anybody got a screenshot of him in the future,want to know if he's worth signing? Thanks in adavance
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    New Regime on the Red Side of Merseyside

    This is my first story,I chose Liverpool because their my favourite team and because they've always been a challenge on FM:P REDS ANNOUNCE NEW BOSS After the sacking of Rafa Benitez Last week Liverpool were quick to install a new manager appointing Cian Hennessy as the man to guide Liverpool...
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    Stiker for liverpool

    Just started a new season with Liverpool and need a striker to partner Torres....I was thinking about gettin dzeko and was wondering is he any good or is there better options??Thank you in advance
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    48 month transfer?

    Ive seen a few people mention it on here.....Basically What is it???
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    Left back

    Need a good left back... budget is 15million