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    The best tactic in FM 2021

    Do the inverted wingers need to be opposite footed to their side?
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    FM21: Frustration and Rage Thread

    I’m having this same problem with Bayern in the bundesliga, I have no idea how to fix it straight away but I did notice that in season 1 with a different player that eventually he did stay in the 1st team. Might just be a patience thing. To avoid having to keep moving him back into the 1st team...
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    SI are Amateurs-4-2-2-2-by Vujevic

    Ok I will persevere and see how it goes. I’ve won every game so far scoring plenty and conceding very few so I’m very happy with the results. I did buy 2 new cm’s as I felt the 2 already at the club weren’t good enough so they could still be settling into the club and the system. Thanks mate and...
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    SI are Amateurs-4-2-2-2-by Vujevic

    Have you got any tips on getting better performances/ratings from the 2 cm’s? So far I’m rarely getting even close to a 7 from either of them. Excellent tactic though ?
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    Goal scorers name stays on screen

    When an opposition player scores against me his name pops up on the screen in the usual way but it stays on the screen for the rest of the game or until my team scores. It was happening in the beta and I know miles himself had noticed when I watched the youtube stream video he did just before...
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    523sirjur v2

    Juventus. After that 8-1 win I then lost to Atalanta 3-2, then drew 2-2 with arsenal in champs league but then beat Brescia 6-0. Will keep going with it and see how it goes
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    523sirjur v2

    I have. Early days yet but I’ve beaten Roma 3-2, milan 4-0 and latest result was an 8-1 win away at frosinone
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    Oh god yes! The wingers shooting from ridiculous angles is a massive gripe of mine! They always hit the side netting or hit it straight at the keeper! It was apparently fixed in a patch ages ago, but it’s definitely made no difference. Var is a joke as well, 99% of games have an incident where...
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    I agree completely with you mate. I’m about to start my third pre season with Juventus. First season I smashed it winning the league with 6 games to go, both Ronaldo and Dybala scoring over 40 goals each. But every game after confirming the title (game 33 onwards) I was struggling to score goals...
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    Fire and Water 4321 MILANO! 1st season double 89pts lost 1

    Does anyone have any tips on how to keep the good form going after winning the title with games to spare? I’ve been using this tactic with Juventus and won the league with about 6 games to go, but every game after that INCLUDING champions league games were a very narrow win or very lucky draw...
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    FM20 @[email protected]

    You say v5? Is it available for download? I’ve clicked download and it just offers v4 which I already have. If it’s not available what changes do I need to make to v4 to make it v5? Thanks
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    VAR Never Overturned

    I have this same problem, pretty much in every single match too!! It doesn’t add anything to the game because it’s become predictable and it’s taken a lot of the enjoyment out of the game (exactly like VAR has in real life too!)
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    Substitute problems

    I'm having real trouble getting any impact from my substitutes during games. They never seem to get a rating of over 6.6, even when making the subs at half time. Only occassionally do they get a decent rating of 7 plus. I've had this problem in past versions of the game too. My usual team talk...