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    My Own Stadium!

    Has anyone else had this before? I'm Southampton in the 2026/2027 season and they have just built a new stadium in my name! Good news except the fact we had to loan 206m from the bank :(
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    CA/PA relation to form and attributes

    Was wondering does having a high CA/PA directly relate to how he plays in game and how his high the players attributes are? For example would a player with CA 200 have ratings of 10.00 a game and 20 in his attrributes?
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    Most vital part of the team?

    I see alot of people amongst the forum praising strikers and calling them "the best in game", but is a striker really the most vital part of the team? Could it be a goal keeping machine that saves you 6-7 points a season through his shot stopping or a crucial penalty save? Maybe that defender...
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    Regen Discussion

    I'm currently in 2022 in my game (v11.1) and noticing that all the regen talent is coming from either France or Brazil. European teams seem to be doing better than most but still not creating amazing players, and as for the African and Asian nations, well, they have 1 good player come from their...
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    5 Times In A Row!

    Just won the Champions League and the Premier League 5 times in a row! :) Feel free to ask if you want to see any screenies. Premier League Champions League Comments on my achievement please.
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    Batistuta Construction Co.

    Linfield F.C. today announced one of the biggest schock transfers ever. Former Argentina international striker Gabriel Batistuta has took charge at the Northern Ireland club. Batistuta nicknamed Batigol, has been out of football since leaving Al-Arabi in 2005 and has been concentrating on a...