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    No UEFA Europa League Matches

    Hey guys, Been playing on my save for some time now as England, and only now just taken control of a league side (Arsenal). Its season 2016/17 and I've noticed that since game start no matches have been played at all in the Europa League!! It says on the Competition Screen draw to be made on...
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    Flex 2013

    Does anyone know if there is or will be a flex 2013??? Or is there anything like it?? Cheers Guys
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    FM says i'm not using and original copy!!

    Hey guys, I've had to reinstall steam as it stopped working.. now installed FM2012 again and upon loading it crashes to a message from Sega saying you are not using an original copy of the game.. if you believe you are contact support... Sent them an e-mail but i thought i'd ask you guys as...
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    Which is better??

    Hey guys, I was going to skip 2012... but getting slightly bored of 2011 now! So simple question how much better is 2012 over 2011? Thanks
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    How to remove points in 2011

    Hey chaps.. I have seen there is a update available and Chelsea have -25 points. I've searched about and i cant find anywhere that shows how to do this... So simple question how is it done pregame?? Bound to be possible for this update! I know you can do it with the ingame editor and by...
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    UK & Ireland Super Cup

    Hey Guys. I know 2010 had a UK & Ireland Super Cup database made by Kris, just wondering if anyone is going to give it a bash this time?? Be good to put a bit of life back into 2011 :D
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    Changing Managers with FMRTE

    Hey guys, I notcied Kris has a thread going where managers are changed using FMRTE... ive not used the editor much myself and ive been looking at how you do that and i cant see how.. All i can find is making there contracts expire.. or swapping them.. but then if you want to just Add a...
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    Adding player injuries

    OK guys.. im wanting to add injuries to the game.. im just wondering about the severity box.. im assuming its a 1-20.. 1 being not serious and 20 being like the worst.. Also the Permanent tick box.. probabily an obvious one.. but is that going to make him keep the inury forever?? Be nice if...
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    Flex 2010

    Any ideas if Smurfdude is going to be making a new version of his wicked Flex skin??
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    Xbox Gold Live

    Anyone know the best place to buy 12 months Gold membership for xbox live???
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    Season 95/96

    Does anyone by chance fancy giving it a go at making a season 95/96 database??
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    FM Legends... Problems

    Hey guys.. I thought it would be kool to make a team of just legends in the game.. all the greats that are in the game over the age of 31.. So i replaced Hull.. and sorted it all out.. Also gave them a small transfer budget of £5m.. as i wanted to make sure i could hire some good staff...
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    Subscription Removal

    Hey guys Just wondering is it possible to mass remove subscriptions as somehow i have over 4000 players subscribed.. needless to say im getting tons of mail which is slowing the game loads...
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    Bored Already...

    Ok ive been playing the game for a while and its already getting a bit boring... Someone give me a challenge please????
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    Resident Evil 5

    Hey guys, Im playing this at the mo and its seriously addictive.. just wondering if any of you have played it?? and what you thought of it??