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    Most points and Most points won by?

    Hi all, I am currently 28 points clear at the top of league 2 with Luton so before I started rotating my squad and making sure all players get games etc I wanted to see what the most points someone has got or most points someone has won a league by so I had something to aim for rather than just...
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    3 at the back.

    Anyone managed to have some success with 3 at the back... I'm currently Luton and whenever I play a team I should be beating at home and they are only playing 1 striker I go to 3 at the back as ideally it's the best tatic to get all my best players on the pitch... Problem is I leak goals... I...
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    Team Strength Training?

    Is it possible to improve the whole squads strength? My team report says the squad as a whole could do with improving in that regard... I have set a few players to work on it as an additional focus in training but didn't know if I could set it somehow so the whole squad would work on there...
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    Transfer Targets - Brighton

    Just started as Brighton any advice on signings for starters or squad players as I'm just going to try to get a massive squad to avoid relegation. Players under 3 mil if anyone can help. Cheers.
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    Big Teams Underperforming

    Just curious if anyone else has had a save where one of the big teams are really underperforming? Man City have come 3rd once and everyone other season they haven't come above 6th and this season (20 games) they are bottom of the league.
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    First Team Goalkeeper

    I am after a goalkeeper for the 2023 season... Any suggestions? I am Stoke (top 4 side these days) had to sell Butland.
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    Board Requests

    If a board request appears under finance (increase transfer budget, wage budget or percentage of transfer revenue) is there deffo a way to get the chairman to agree to it or not? Josh curious as they aren't always there. Cheers.
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    Age you sell players?

    I was just curious what age people sell players to maximanise the value for them before they get too old or they're contract expires etc? Side question... Has anyone side someone with a high long throw rating? If so does it make a difference? Do you pick up any/many goals from it? Thanks.
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    How do I sign a chief doctor?

    Is it possible to sign a chief doctor? I've started as Stoke and I don't have one and I hate not having all staff but it isn't letting me search for one or put an advert out or even change one of my current medical staffs role to chief doctor. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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    Transfers keep getting cancelled

    Hi all, I'm Pompey and they gave me 2 mil in Jan so I decided to drop it to about 400k and have a lot of wages... I sign to 2 players then when I try to get a third it cancels the transfer saying it will go over the clubs wage budget even though it won't, infact its not even close. Anyone else...
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    Strangest Premier League Winner

    Who is the strangest team you have seen win the league? I remember on Championship Manger random teams always won but now I just see the same old teams win it... Also has anyone seen a low league team come right through the Divisions? I may be the only one sad enough to check all league tables...
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    Career Stats - Disappeared

    Career stats have Dissapeared on just about every player so I can't see assists/goals/rating from previous years. Any idea what's happened and if I can get this back? Thanks.
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    Career Stats - Disappeared

    Most of my players now have no career stats? Any idea what's happened and if I can get these back. Thanks.
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    4th Season Hidden Gems

    I am 30 games into my 3rd season. Already thinking about my squad for next year. I've got Palace into Champs League (bar a major clapse) so I am expecting some decent money. Anyone know any hidden gems 4 seasons in any position n value really. Always on the hunt for someone I've never signed...
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    Gerónimo Rulli

    Has anyone been able to keep him happy? He's worth getting on a free at the end of the first season but everytime I get him (Apart from once I managed to keep him at Chelsea on my first ever save) he wants to leave for money... I pay him 140k a week and he wants to go PSG because they can pay...
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    Conceding from crosses

    I know this isn't about players but I was after some help or advice. I concede pretty much every goal from a cross. My defender won't bother heading it, my keeper will be caught in no mans land and the striker taps it in. Is there anything I can do to stop this? Or at least improve this. I...
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    Same Players

    Anyone else find that they sign the same players all the time? Mainly the wonderkids? I started as Liverpool and couldn't get into the save purely because just about all my budget was spent on players who were sent out on loan but I didn't want to miss out on them. Starting as Crystal Palace...