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    MacBook Advice

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new laptop for the new university year and I'm thinking of making the switch from PC to Mac. My current laptop is a HP Envy 17" with a 2.2GHz i7 processor and 12GB of RAM. The MacBook Pro I'm looking at is the 13" with retina display, 3.1GHz i7 processor...
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    Board Takeovers

    Is there any way to stop/prevent board takeover at your club? I've been doing a career with Arsenal and I've been slowly building a really good side with promising players but then in 2014 the board was taken over and the new owners gave me a transfer budget of £135m and expectations to win...
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    English Club in the deepest financial mess

    After having owned the 10 year challenge (P34, W34 so far), I have decided what I want to try managing a team in a very very bad financial situation and bring them success whilst at the same time trying to correct the club's finances. So I'd like to know which English league club has got the...