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    ForeverFm14 by StueyRob

    Today i present to you the remake of the very successful tactic from fm 13 http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2013-tactics-training/125048-forever-real-madrid-tactic-thread-football-manager-korea.html Forever Real Madrid FM14 ive managed to translate the team and player...
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    Forever Real Madrid Tactic Thread (Fm Korea)

    Credit goes to Uji 1 from fm korea for creating the tactic Credit also goes to RichardPCB for discovering the tactics and allowing me to create a thread for it. The Tactic - FM2013 Tactics - [03.03.13] [variant 4-3-3] 0 won 's 2013 Real Mardird - 21 of 105 matches scoring eight runs (infested...
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    Manual Pellegrini 'The Engineer' City Tactic Re-Creation

    Manuel Pellegrini started his Manchester City reign with an easy 4-0 win over a hopeless Newcastle side. Suprisingly he opted to use a 442/441 system unlike the 4231 we all know city are famous for. My idea is to recreate this tactic and hopefully make it a success. Here is a tactical...
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    Crewe 1st season

    Starting my first lower league club save and chose Crewe but they don't have many players, any1 got any good suggestions for players to buy (free's, loan, cheap)???
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    Arkadiusz Milik

    Name: Arkadiusz Milik Club: Bayer Leverkusen Position: Striker Looks like he has great potential and can contribute straight away looking at his current stats. Any1 had any experience with him?
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    Srdjan Mijailovic - Red Star

    Name: Srdjan Mijailovic Club: Red Star Belgrade Position: Defensive Midfield A thread was made about him in fm11 & 12 and this year he looks even better! Looks like he has good potential to be a top player Any1 had any experience with him?
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    3-7-0 - A Hypothesis by StueyRob

    3-7-0 - A Hypothesis by StueyRob..Updated 6/4/13 Intro, Hi everyone as people will know who have followed Shyftyy's thread about 6-2-2-0 Counter A Hypothesis work in progress, i made my own version of the tactic based on the same theory but to creatE more goals at the same time. So some credit...
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    4-2-3-1 - Boo Ya! (13.3/13.2.3) Classic&Wizard

    UPDATE - Tactic now available in both classic & wizard Intro Created this tactic inspired from an earlier thread about bayerns style of play, attacking/possession and came up wth this. Possession is key to games and with this tactic i got over 60% most games as seen in screenshots further...
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    Lucas Romero

    Name: Lucas Romero Club: Velez Nation: Argentina D.O.B: 18.4.1994 Position: Midfield Centre/DM Strengths Natural Fitness Stamina Work Rate Teamwork Bravery Pace & Acceleration Strength Anticipation Technique Weaknesses Flair Jumping Heading Finishing Crossing Injury Prone...
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    just wanting some input on willian from shakhtar hes been transfer listed for £12mil n unsure wether to buy him for my bayern team is he any good in fm13??
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    Falcao Transfer Prices

    Whats the lowest price you have got for Falcao? I'm currently bayern n midway through the 1st season he handed a transfer request in and was put up for £25mil bargain??...any1 else seen this? no doubt someone will have got him cheaper lol just looking at screenshot, after ive bought him...
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    Viscount [v13.2.3] Las Vegas 442 From FmKorea

    Found this tactic on FmKorea and it looks pretty good, so i thought i would bring it to FmBase :D credit goes to Door sekseung or Viscount for the tactic Link...
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    5-4-1 Clean Sweep (13.2.3)

    Made my 1st classic tactic and tested it 2 teams with some success 1st test was with Espanyol who were predicted to finish 10th I managed to finish 4th in league and reach cup semi final, total record - P46 W26 D10 L10 Pretty good season were most losses were away against the top sides...
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    Total Football 13.2.3 ** UPDATED **

    So finally after the latest patch ive managed to build a 4-2-3-1 tactic that looks like it works! I like my teams to play attractive, attacking possession football, pretty much like barcelona. The tactic ive created does exactly that with the players playing quick, neat passing along with...
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    StueyRob's 4-5-1 Domination Tactic

    So decided to make a new tactic and a new game in which i am Botafogo in the brazillian league. Went through afew options like 5-4-1 & 4-2-3-1 but then decided on this; Formation; Team Instructions; Fixtures & Results (So Far); Each game the tactic seems to get better and...
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    4-6-0 testers wanted

    Made a 4-6-0 tactic which seemed to work pretty well after my first game which i beat Aston Villa 3-0 Heres the tactic Screenshot Training; Attacking - High Match Prep 50% - Tactics Shouts - None No Opp Instructions Let Assistant do pre match team talks Would any1 be willing to test...
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    best acm role in a 4411?

    what role is best in the acm role in a 4411? or what would any1 recommend> treq att mid ins forward adv playmaker ????
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    Jose Antonio Rodriguez - Chivas

    Name: Jose Antonio Rodriguez Club: Chivas U20'S D.O.D: 4.7.1992 Nationality: Mexican Position: Goalkeeper
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    Leandro Paredes - Boca

    Name: Leandro Paredes Club: Boca Nation: Argentina D.O.B: 29.6.1994 My scout rated him 5* So i bought him & my coach only rates him as 4* for some reason?!
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    How do u setup a network game?!

    Last few days I've been trying to playa network game with my m8, but he has trouble connecting. When he gets in the game freezes and he can't do anything. So do people use hamachi or is jus thru the steam servers? Or does anything need to changed?