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    Tactics for Man U 1st season

    Hello, Can anyone suggest a home & away tactic for a man u save please.... I have struggled to find some that work. I will be bringing in a new RB, CB and CM Possibly selling Young If I can.
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    Spurs first season

    Hey, Looking at a possible new spurs save. Want peoples opinions on who to buy/sell I want to offload soldado, adebayor, chadli and a couple of others. Want to play a 4-3-3 formation with 1 complete forward and 2 supporting strikers. Also will use 3 cm's Will need a new right back too...
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    Rubbish scout reports

    Hey, This is probably not the place to ask or maybe it is. Doe anyone else find that know matter how good your scout is the reports on the player are complete rubbish. I know for a fact that Zikovic is a wonderkid to look at and others. I am spurs ina new game by the way. The scout reports I...
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    Van Persie to sell or not to sell...

    Hey everyone, Thanks for looking at my post and for any help you give. Right, i have started 2 previous man united saves and van persie has been really injury prone on both. I am starting a third to see how it goes so this is where i ask do you guys think i should cash in on him from the...
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    Can i add a picture of myself in game? As a player though

    Hey, Apologies if this is not the right place to post, but I was wondering if I could add a picture of myself t my player profile I made. I know you can as a manager but can I as a player? I have facepacks added to the game. Does it work the same way? Thank you for reading and any...
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    Phil Jones wanted should i sell??

    Hey everyone, I am in a new save with man u and having a couple of issues keeping hold of a couple of players., Chelsea are trying hard to get phil jones and he wants to go, should i try and get as much as i can for him? One other is PSG unsettling De Gea and offering around 28m should i...
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    XML parsing error with new LFC update

    Hey, Sorry if there is already a thread up, but i am having trouble with starting the game now i have downloaded the latest LFC update. It tells me that there is a XML parsing error and says the following not well- formed (invalid token) at line 1 of._ LFCMarshakks FM14 transfer Update.xml...
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    Man U 2nd Season Team improvements Help

    Hey everyone, I am about to go into the 2nd season with man united. I took control in January using LFC marshalls update. I would like suggestions on who you guys think i should sell and buy to improve my team. Right now i have ?15m but like i said its before the start of the season. I can...
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    Offering players to clubs for set price

    Right is it just me or when i offer a player to all clubs for transfer and a set amount they come in real low. Like i offered Jelavic for 9m and was getting offers of ?800k to ?1m max Anyone else seeing this happen in your games? Appreciate any comments and help
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    Spurs Ideas

    Hey i am in another spurs save as i was bored of my others, i need some ideas on improvements my team as follows. Lloris walker kaboul vertonghen sanchez mino sandro dembele lennon sigurdsson bale J. Hernandez Subs Friedel Naughton Dawson Caulker Parker Holtby Dempsey Defoe Adebayor Ince So...
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    Where Do i find Strandberg/drage etc?

    Hi i would like your guys help on where i can the the following as so many people on here say that they are amazing but in player search fro them they just do not come up could this be due to the fact that i don't have the databases switched on? If anyone could let me know that would be great...
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    Who to sell with united want fresh blood who are determined

    HI thanks for reading my post and any help in advance. I would like your opinions on who to sell at Man u and bring in like the name of the post says fresh blood who are determined. Would like couple new faces in defence and midfield i think that up front i am alright. might even convert...
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    Starting a new save with Everton Who to Sell for Funds?

    Hi and thanks for reading this post and any help and advice you provide in advance. I know that Everton do no start with any funds so i was wondering in your opinions who out of these 3 i can make a decent amount on and then bring in 3 or 4 more players to give me more options. So should i...
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    Southampton 2nd season jan window

    Hey i need some help to get myself i solid goalscoring striker with experience. For the second year i am in with a chance of winning the league cup for 2nd time. I have also made it into the knockout stages of euro cup. Plus i am sitting in 5th in the PL. I have Admeilson who is scoring...
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    Spurs first season Jan Window

    Im in first season at spurs and approaching the jan transfer window now i need a young winger who will grow into someone amazing with games but backup to bale and lennon for now. I have 10m to spend but could make some extra cash by selling the following Scott parker should i sell? I brought...
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    Newcastle 1st season lost Ba need replacement

    Hi i lost Demba Ba for 7m but only got half of it i totally forgot about his clause need a replacement as i only got cisse and shola up top and shola aint no good have 9m to spend. thanks for any help and suggestions
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    Newly promoted southampton into premiership need squad overhaul

    Just been promoted from championship need a complete overhaul on squaf really my best players are jali and quintero oh and sharp scored 41 in 40 games too. So i any ideas welcome on players and tactics for my first crack at premiership with them. All players needed. I have 18 million to...
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    Newcastle 2nd Season

    Hey i need some ideas for strengthening my team i come 2nd in my first season i need some wingers, a striker and a new cb. Been given 20m to spend atm might change once new season starts. Thanks in advance
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    strikers for Fulham

    Hey i need a few ideas for strikers with my fulham save as i got Dembele,pogrebnyak, and johnson. I would like new firepower for jan window so any ideas welcome i have 3.5m to spend plus i can sell to get cash. Although its telling me the club are not financially great so some players might...
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    juventus help needes please.

    After posting yesterday about everton in the middle of november juventus offered me a contract which i took. They have sold anyone of worth almost i have no fullbacks at all, wingers or cm plus so really bad strikers need a complete overhaul of the team and bring in some quality so i would...