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    Aston Villa

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    Brexit help

    Does anybody know if there is a way to prompt a player to apply for nationality? I have a few that have the required amount of time in the country and could do with some more with english nationality because of brexit.
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    Laptop advice needed

    Hi, im considering downgrading my laptop as its way overpowered for what i use it for, did plan on playing all sorts of games but literally all i use it for is actually fm and youtube really. I'm absolutely terrible at looking for laptops and would appreciate any advice on a decent, cheap laptop...
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    Positional help please.

    Ive started a game as man city and did very well the first season. Second season i started shortly after the first couple games of the new premier league season irl and decided i wanted to have a go at guardiolas tactic. My main issue is i could do with a good half back but dont know anything...
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    my fm doesnt start up properly

    Every time i attempt to start the game up it just freezes until i lock and unlock my laptop. ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing seems to change. Any suggestions ??
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    Derby county save.

    I'm in my 4th season at derby now and i got into the Europa league last season finishing 7th. I'm now just past January and am thinking of planning for the future. I'm aiming for a Europa finish again. I have no money right now but i started the season with around 20 mil and obviously there's a...
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    Derby county 3rd season

    Started this game with derby with the goal of getting into the prem. Won the championship first time out and survived my first prem season finishing 15th. What i now need to do is put plans in place to strengthen my central midfield, defence and goalkeeper. Could anyone suggest any cheap and/or...
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    Could do with some recommendations.

    I am using derby county atm, in my 2nd season. i won the league first time out so now im in the premier league. originally i had andriy voronin, tyler blackett on loan, angelino from city, mehdi zeffane from lyon, and godsway donyoh from city. after winning the league they only gave me 10 mil to...
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    Money question.

    Hi guys, im just wondering if any of you may know which method of promotion would be more fruitful and yield the most money for an english championship club, automatic promotion i.e winning the league or the playoffs. Coming from a purely monetary stand point. I planned play off promotion with...
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    MLS help

    I'm playing a game as new york city fc and i have gotten to the summer when frank lampard was supposed to be joining. Instead, the transfer was cancelled due to the total salary of the team having to be under a certain amount, and the same has been happening when i'm attempting to sign micah...
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    Can anyone explain something for me please?

    I seriously need help understanding the rules of the MLS and how to get the best out of the situation, scouting for the drafts, how allocation works etc. Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.
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    Need transfer advice and help understanding mls.

    I've started a game as NYCFC, without any real understanding of how the transfer/allocation system works. I was wondering if anybody could recommend any good free transfers and/or help me to understand the rules of the mls.
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    Getting the best out of certain players.

    So I've started a game as man city as i usually do, sold Sinclair and Dzeko to fund Khedira and Bony. One of my main downfalls in these games is usually my inability to get the best out of some players, like Aguero for instance. I was just wondering if anyone could help me out and suggest the...
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    I need a new laptop

    I need a new laptop as mine is getting very slow, but the main thing i do really is football manager, the laptop i,m after is this Buy LENOVO Yoga 3 Pro 13.3” 2 in 1 - Silver | Free Delivery | Currys the lenovo yoga 3 pro. I was wondering if anybody could tell me if its up to the job please ...
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    slightly odd but good tactic.

    I'm currently playing with a very strange tactic at manchester city that one of my coaches suggested. It's a 4-1-2-3 and it got me a fair few goals and the league title in my first season. I've now bought marco reus, hachim mastour and cristophe kramer. Was just wondering if anybody could...
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    Started a game as sociedad out of curiosity and i'm just in need of a little help. I've signed jesus vallejo, jordi hiwula and mathieu flamini on loan. I'm in october with no money and just wondering if anyone can recommend any suitable signings for if and when i get money. Thanks
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    New laptop

    Didn't quite know where best to post this so just went for it. I'm looking at getting a new laptop 'cause mine has slowed to a crawl recently and i'm useless when it comes to matching up hardware specs to running requirements. Was just wondering if anybody could give me a hand and tell me...
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    Man city help

    So because of financial fair play, the most you can get at the start is 10 million. With the big rivals in the league having better rated squads already and on top of that being able to strengthen too, how would be best to go about this ?? players/coaches to sign, best tactics/roles etc. Any...
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    Need a decent back up striker

    I've started a game on the new update as Southampton, I've bought Shawcross and will Hughes with Hughes back at derby on loan for a season. I now have 0 cash and need a decent backup striker.
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    The genie scout

    What actual role is the 'fast striker' role the genie scout refers to ??